[NL20-NL50] PFR bet sizes

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      Seems there is no strategic forum for silver and since we get very good judgement here I'll just post my question here:

      I switched to NL50 SH now and think I have to adjust my pfr bet sizes and cbet ranges. Are those thoughts right?:

      a) UTG and MP I raise 4 bb+1bb/limper since I don't want multiple drawing hands draw out on my monsters who then have position on me.
      b) CO and BU I raise 3bb+1bb/limper because I raise looser there and I have position myself.
      c) SB and BB I raise 4bb+1bb/limper because I want to punish limpers and I have to make ppl pay for the position they have on my postflop.
      d) If sb open completes I raise on 4 bb because I have position on him and he will fold most of his hands anyways.
      e) Of course I will adjust my 3bet sizes in the same way.

      Until now I always raised to 4bb+1bb/limper.

      I always have initiative of course.
      a) If I am oop I only cbet dry boards like 37Ko and sometimes I cbet boards like 4JKos, but I don't cbet boards like JQK if I for example have a low pocket pair and I don't cbet highly connected or very low or suited boards.
      b) If I am ip and opponent checks to me and he doesn't always c/r me I cbet virtually every board, even JQKos when i have 22.
      c) I of course adjust my raise size dependant on the protection i would need if I actually had a hand.
      d) Question: in which cases do i cbet low paired and high paired boards (744 or KK4) if i didn't hit crap?

      And some additional questions to pfr:
      - Do I raise baby aces (A2o-A6o) on BU?
      - Do I raise baby aces (A2o-A6o) in sb?

      Concerning 3bets:
      If I have someone behind me who likes to 3bet me very lightly, how do I adjust play?
      - 4bet lightly?
      - get tighter in openraising?

      Thanks for answers in advance.

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    • Kaitz20
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      1 pf is fine.
      2. paired bvoards is always fine to cbet sometimes you have to double barrel to get people fold but that is player specific
      3. bu raise is fine, sb I`d complete or fold.
      4. I´ve noticed that nowadays noone believes that you have big hand if you 4-bet, so I´d prefer just open tighter and 4-bet value for AK, TT+ and if shoved I´m calling off.