What to read next? :)

    • TroubleMaker23
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      Hey guys... i just ended reading the silver articles... what u guys think i could study now? don´t know what to look for...

      i started to play like 30 min ago... lost 10$ playing SSS on NL10... but i don´t want to change to BSS... i like SSS... but i just lost 5 tables in a row... and stopped, but im not on tilt... just got QQ vs KK, AK vs KK, AK unimproved and got donk-beted... i know it was not my fault, not my mistakes... but i need to stop by today.
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    • whateverdude
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      If you follow the given tables strictly there is only one way for you to go on loosing: Tilt.

      Even if you haven't got it yet, I'd suggest you read all the Psychology articles related to it, to be prepared when the bad beats start stacking up ;)