[NL100+] I lost this hand today but what did i do wrong??

    • Dondefjam
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      Guys, i just play poker at PokerStars i want your opinion about this hand:

      Today i lost about 1.5k on the tables and that`sucks:(
      Even if i lost then hand...Did i play it very well?

      PLease give me some tips about grinding i want to start with bankroll for CAP games...thx so much!

      $2.50/$5Zoom No Limit Holdem
      4 Players
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      CO EluSiveMark ($511.97) 102bb
      BTN anduduma89 ($931.52) 186bb
      SB Hero ($360.26) 72bb
      BB chaps1988 ($922.19) 184bb

      Pre-Flop: (7.50, 4 players) Hero is SB :Jc: :Js:
      EluSiveMark raises to $10.45, 1 fold, Hero raises to $22.50, 1 fold, EluSiveMark calls $12.05

      Flop: :5h: :9h: :2s: ($50, 2 players)
      Hero bets $14.55, EluSiveMark calls $14.55

      Turn: :Ac: ($79.10, 2)
      Hero bets $22.50, EluSiveMark calls $22.50

      River: :4h: ($124.10, 2)
      Hero bets $35, EluSiveMark calls $35

      Final Pot:
      Hero shows a pair of Jacks
      :Jc: :Js:
      EluSiveMark shows two pair, Fives and Fours
      :5d: :4d:

      EluSiveMark wins $192.60 (net +$98.05)

      Hero lost $94.55
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    • Dondefjam
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      And ZOOM next time it`s not good for me i think i can`t handle the swings...so i want to play cashgame CAP table 2/4 with $80 minimun every month only.
    • Varune
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      1) buyin full
      2) 3bet bigger
      3) cbet bigger
      4)turn+river probably a check somewhere.
      5) nice to see elusivemark still playing nl500z
    • SDK1987
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      NL500 is a game format not many players will play here, but I would play also with at least 100bb and sizing is indeed the most problematic factor here. If you 3bet like $30 and cBet at least half pot you get more value and he wouldn’t call with speculative hands and you protect your hand better against flush draws. As played I would check the turn and her-evaluete the river. I don’t think you get to much value with betting and you don’t get better to fold ether.

    • Dondefjam
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      Thx for the comment:)