The most amazing hand I've been into. Enjoy this one.

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      Tonight I was playing the finals of a 3 day shootout tournament at a local casino. The format was actually like super turbo sng's, since every round started with 2,000 chips and the blinds starting at 25/50 20 min., so it was pretty fast for the stack sizes.

      Well, I got into the 10-handed final table, with a prize pool of over $7k and only the last 10 cashed. As usual, I played pretty tight and watched how maniacs raised 600 into a 75 chips pot. Only had played 2 hands, a 7-5s in the sb and got trips and JJ in the button first to act. So, the blinds were at 100/200 and my stack was 2,650. 9 players remaining.

      Everyone folded to me in the cutoff, and look up at AQos. I thought about pushing, but the chip leader was in the SB, so I raised to 700. Of all people, only the chip leader calls. We go to the flop.

      The flop was A-6-A with two hearts. Bingo! SB bets 1,500. I put him on AJ-, because with AK he would've reraised me. So I push my remaining 1,950 into the pot.

      The guy snap calls. He shows pocket sixes, for a flopped full house. Needless to say, I was devastated to see that hand... and knowing I'm almost through the door.

      Then the turn comes a.... Queen!! Finally a miracle for me!! So I got my breath back. With over 5k chips I would become now the chip leader, with over 25% of the total chips on the table.

      Do I have to tell you what the river was? The case six... The one outer... 2% odds. Right out from a Hollywood script... For all of those who say online poker is rigged.

      All I could do was smile, because I'd just been part of an amazing hand. I am pretty amazed with my reaction, not mad or anything, because I just did the best I could. I did cash a little over $200, which in fact, is my first cashing live.

      Thank you guys, as your articles and forum posts helped me a lot. Although not the finish I expected, I did have a lot of fun. Hope next time the odds swing in my favor.
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      Ouch.. But it happens.
      Happened to me something similiar , I had royal straight on the turn and the villain held pairs (ATo) , the river came another T which gave him full.

      On the bright side , You played well and hopefully from here you will only get better :-)
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      Wow! Cool fella.. I can almost feel the rollercoaster ride from my PC :D

      By the way, live poker is definitely rigged. I've read threads that confirm this. ;)