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Need help answering some

    • wiki59
      Joined: 15.12.2008 Posts: 8
      Hello, since I'm unable to complete my poker iq test i'm despr searching for help lol.

      1) 5/10 NL. $1,000 stacks. One player limps in early, you limp in late with:


      SB folds and BB checks. Flop is:

      4d 5h 9h

      BB bets $30, limper folds, you raise to $100. BB thinks and re-raises to $300.

      The BB is loose aggressive and relentlessly bluffs and semibluffs. What is your best move?

      Raise all-in



      2) 5/10 NL Holdem. 9 handed. 2000 stacks. You're in the cut-off position with 6h6s. UTG limps, a player in middle position limps as well, and you call in the cut-off. The button raises to 70, everyone calls including the BB, UTG, middle position player and yourself. Flop is:

      Jh 10h 6c

      BB checks, UTG bets 90, middle position folds, you call, button raises to 450. BB pushes all in, UTG thinks then folds. What do you do?


      Call all-in

      3) Given the following scenario which of the following opponents is favored to win the pot?

      Opponent 1: Qd Qh Opponent 2: Ks Qs

      Flop: Js 9s 3d

      Opponent 1 ?

      Opponent 2 ?

      4) 6 man table. 10/20 NL with $5000 stacks at a tight-aggressive table. Your on the button with AhTc and call a cut-off raise of $60. The small blind calls as well. The Flop:

      Ad As Js

      SB checks and your opponent makes a continuation bet of $120 and you put in a raise on the button to $270. The small blind folds and your opponents thinks for a bit before re-raising to $640. You opt to call.
      The Turn:


      Your opponent leads out for $1000. After sometime you decide to call.
      The River:


      Your oppponent thinks for 2 minutes before betting $2125. Whats your move?

      Fold, after the re-raise, and two lead outs you know you must be beat

      Call, he may have missed his flush draw or have Ax with a lower kicker

      The hand should have ended after the re-raise on the flop

      The hand should have ended after his strong bet on the turn

      5) You've just won a freeroll for $18,000 and decide its time to jump stakes and play professional poker. Is a 18k bankroll enough to play $10/20 NL Hold'em in a live casino?



      6) Tournament. 300/600 blinds with 220 players left (top 100 pay). You've got 30,000 in chips. It's folded to you on the button and you raise to 1600 with10h7h. Both blinds call.

      Flop is:

      8c 6h 2h

      Blinds check, you bet 2800, small blind raises to 7500, you call. Turn is:


      Small blind pushes all-in for 8500k

      What's the best move?

      Fold, you're beat and the odds aren't good enough

      Fold, odds are likely there but if he has a higher flush draw you're dominated

      Call, the odds justify the call

      Call, because odds aren't quite there but you've got plenty of chips

      7) NL Tourney with Blinds 2k/4k. Your stack is 130k and you raise to 12k in middle position with:


      The button calls (140k stack) and its heads up with a flop of:

      10d 8c 4c

      You bet 12k and the button calls.

      The turn:


      You fire another barrel for 30k and your opponent moves all-in. Your confident your opponent has A10.

      Are you getting the right odds to call? Whats your move?

      Yes, Your implied odds are favourable and you're pot committed to call

      Yes, Even though your odds are favourable you don't have risk your tournament life on a draw

      No, You're not getting the right odds but feel pot committed

      No, Your odds are unfavourable so you must fold

      8) 6 man table. 5/10 NL with $1000 Stacks. A TAG player in early position raises to $40 and gets raised to $150 by another TAG player. You look down in the bb and find:

      Ks Kc

      Whats your move?

      Call, Check/Raise all-in

      Call, If no A comes, instant shove!

      Re-raise to $400

      Raise all-in


      9) Your deep in a tournament with the blinds 500/1k. It's folded around to the Cut-off who raises to 3k. (Starting Stack 20k). Fortunately you have a few key pieces of information about your opponent in the cut-off. He has an aggressive-passive style and just recently took a few bad beats and often does not like playing against opponents who come over the top. You're dealt Jh9h on the button (Starting Stack 50k) and re-raise to 8k. It folds around to your opponent who moves all-in! What odds do you face on the worst possible scenario?

      You're a 1.91 to 1 underdog

      You're a 4.03 to 1 underdog

      You're a 4.76 to 1 underdog

      You're a 5.53 to 1 underdog

      You're a 6.21 to 1 underdog

      10) Calculate the number of 'outs' opponent 2 has to outright win or tie the hand given both players have moved all in:

      Opponent 1: AcJs Opponent 2: As5h


      Ah 2c 2h 3h

      19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 ?

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    • bjarni86
      Joined: 05.09.2008 Posts: 13
      How are you UNABLE to complete the test?


      This is not a place to recieve freebie answers to the quiz.
      If you cannot complete it, I'm willing to bet my entire bankroll on you not succeeding in poker.

      Sorry if you think this is harsh. It's the truth.
    • TheBrood
      Joined: 17.07.2008 Posts: 4,383

    • wiki59
      Joined: 15.12.2008 Posts: 8

      Self-referential insults usually indicate anxiety and depression... I'd tell you my IQ score, but you'd think I was lying. And before you say something like, "I could make up anything" or, "IQ scores don't mean that much", the higher an IQ score is on the wecshler scale, the more ACCURATE it usually is. I was asking for help but you... Not that smart huh?!
      [Edited by SoyCD for Excessive Flaming]

      Sorry if you think this is harsh but don't insult my intelligence. You'll trip up far before I do.

      Now if someone wants to help me, feel free :)

    • toedder
      Joined: 27.11.2007 Posts: 215
      Now if someone wants to help me, feel free
      No, thanks... You are pretty harsh, arrogant, cocky, full of yourself, w/e. Also, just pasted badly formatted questions and not a single word of your own thoughts is not very tempting for me, personally. I don't get the feeling you even tried this yourself.

      And also, the Poker IQ test (as unnecessary as it is) is about self assessment I think, and getting questions answered on a forum is going to help you how?

      If you can give your thoughts on a particular question and want us to evaluate it, I think you'd be getting answers.
    • SoyCD
      Joined: 20.02.2008 Posts: 6,356
      OP is getting a 7-day ban for complete unwarranted over-the-top flaming and insults.

      These are against the Forum rules: Board Rules and his specific post went far beyond.

      I am also closing this thread.