[NL10] 4bet spot oop

    • jimecek
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      PokerStars Zoom, Hold'em No Limit - $0.05/$0.10 - 6 players
      Hand delivered by Upswing Poker

      UTG: $9.60 (96 bb)
      MP (Hero): $20.03 (200 bb)
      CO: $16.16 (162 bb)
      BU: $14.12 (141 bb)
      SB: $8.22 (82 bb)
      BB: $10.87 (109 bb)

      Pre-Flop: ($0.15) Hero is MP with A K
      1 fold, Hero raises to $0.30, 1 fold, BTN 3-bets to $1.10, 2 players fold, Hero 4-bets to $3.88, BTN calls $2.78

      Flop: ($7.91) 2 5 J (2 players)
      Hero bets $3, BTN calls $3

      Turn: ($13.91) 7 (2 players)
      Hero checks, BTN bets $7.24 (all-in), MP (Hero) folds

      I dont have any stats on player, but i dont want play oop in 3bet spot, so i do 4bet fold becouse we are deep. Cbet or give up flop ? His range on ip call 4bet could call strong hands like AA,KK,QQ or thats hand play fast.
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    • lfcmichael
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      Your 4-bet is quite big. 2.2x - 2.5x is more standard. And he still calls, so he looks strong.

      I think I would just give up on this flop. We don’t have much equity and I don’t expect many folds.
    • DecMate
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      I'd just call pre personally. You can get flatted here by a wider range since you're deeper, making it more difficult going into the flop with initiative.
      As played I agree with LF on an x/f line. Although leading isn't the worst, it's a big pot already and he's shown interest by the 4bet call.
    • mbml
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      1) easy call 3bet. If you want to 4bet, make it smaller. By making it so huge you are just isolating yourself vs QQ+/AK. If he jams you are dead vs KK+

      AK is actually super easy to play OOP as long as you have a rough gameplan in mind. Just check/call almost any flop and check river again. If draws complete then turn AK into a bluff on the river. If a A/K falls on the turn, congrats! Your opponent will try to rep AK and you got something strong to call down with.

      2) Now it's super awkward. I guess just bet once and give up. But his range is so weighted towards TT+/AK because your 4b size is so huge.
    • jimecek
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      Thanks i think is better Ak 4bet than play oop post flop.

      Ok i would more call.

      When he has a big 3 bet on bu i can call too a bluff Ajs ?
    • la55i
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      I would also prefer a call pre-flop. If you do decide to 4bet, it should be smaller, as mentioned above. You said you would prefer to 4bet/fold because you are deep, but you actually are just 140bb deep effectively and after making so big 4bet I think folding vs a jam might be a mistake but that is just my guess, didn't use calculator.
      OTF I would just check fold. Villain has a strong range and you don't have even backdoor draws.