[NL10] ATs 3bet spot

    • jimecek
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      PokerStars Zoom, Hold'em No Limit - $0.05/$0.10 - 6 players
      Hand delivered by Upswing Poker

      UTG: $10.53 (105 bb)
      MP: $2.93 (29 bb)
      CO: $10.61 (106 bb)
      BU: $11.78 (118 bb)
      SB (Hero): $21.00 (210 bb)
      BB: $10.65 (107 bb)

      Pre-Flop: ($0.15) Hero is SB with T A
      2 players fold, CO raises to $0.30, 1 fold, Hero 3-bets to $1, 1 fold, CO calls $0.70

      Flop: ($2.10) J 9 3 (2 players)
      Hero bets $1.30, CO calls $1.30

      Turn: ($4.70) J (2 players)
      Hero checks, CO bets $2.69, SB (Hero) folds

      Total pot: $4.70 (Rake: $0.21)
      CO wins $4.49

      can i bet aggain turn ?
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    • mbml
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      Flop: Usually bet or check/call, occasionally check/raise Flop and jam blank turns.

      Turn: Hmm interesting spot, I think all 3 options are very viable here as well. But I prefer check/jam with a hand like Th8h to fold out villain's KQ QT T8 KT XhXh. With AhTh you have showdown value, and you can rep an overpair (which he may/may not try to bluff out on the river). He will often try to rep heart rivers too which is super awesome for you, and if he gives up with a lower flush/straight draw you also win.

      I'll check/call here a lot. I think turn barrelling isn't so good because no one folds a 9 here, and JX jams the turn very often to protect vs so many draws