I have recently joined to try out the ICM training program.

Well, I am on the second set of questions and this particular hand has me puzzled.

Keep in mind, I have no information on the SB and his push.

I'm BB with $1770 in chips, blinds are 100/200 and I have a little under 10BB my Mzone would put me in the red/grey area. I'm on life support and knowing a little more info on the SB would help in this decision.

SB has pushed all in for $11,530.00 in a SNG (heads up).

I am sitting on 2d4d, which statistically makes my hand have a win percentage of 35% to 40% against any two cards.

Now, if I fold I am left with 9BBs. If he's a TAG player I'm going to fold, even if I feel it's a steal. But if it's a bully I would call and take the odds (this theory also needs to take account into how many hands we have played heads up). The ICM says that I am making the wrong decision, but I have to question it as low Suited semi-connectors can do fairly well in a heads up match. It only depends on the player and his/her style.

Any help would be appreciated.