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      Hello. My name is Dragos and i am from Romania.

      My poker carrer until now is:
      freerolls, freerolls, 25$ carbon deposit lost, freerolls, 10$ bet365 deposit lost, freerolls.

      I love poker and i am sure that in long term is not a game of luck, and i will make profit if i study and learn.

      I discover PS few days ago and get in love :D . Kidding.

      Unfortunetly, when i played freerolls i make account to a lot of poker rooms and now i can't use PS at maximum. But i can still benefit from some PS promotions.

      I didnt have an pacific poker account so i receive 50$ starting capital from PS.

      I start to play after i read all basic and bronze articles and watch videos.

      I played SSS at 5/10 NL FR. Lost 3 buyins and played over 100 hands. Then i saw that the rake is very big and points a few.

      So i decided to play SNG. I played doubleornothing 2,5$+0,25c and won 5 and lost 2 but i didnt like it. Is to much luck involved.

      Now i want to play sng (after reading all about them) starting from 1$. Classic 10 players with 3 in the money.

      After i wage 5000$ i will withdraw because i dont like pacific poker for cash tables because of the huge rake.

      I will play SSS at Cake poker.

      Until then, wish me luck at pacific poker sng. I will update this blog daily with my results.

      Sorry for my bad english, i still learn.
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