How to get the best from ICM trainer

    • NickParkes
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      Hi guys and gals

      Just thought I would put in a few thoughts of mine regarding the ICM trainer... For me it is one of the best ways to build confidence going into a SNG because I know I can make great decisions... The big challenge for most people is that they sit on the trainer and consistently get 85-90%... everyone will tell you that 95%+ is the goal... so if you are serious about developing your ICM play using the trainer this is my advice and how I work to get 95%+

      1. Choose a specific situation using the filters: eg. On the bubble, blinds at 300/600, hero is in the blinds... narrow it down. I play with a note pad during my sessions, and if a particular situation concerns me I write it down and take it to the trainer

      2. Run the situation through the trainer and do 300-500 situations, note your results. Even just doing these will help your game

      3. After doing all the examples go back over every mistake that you made, can you see any patterns? Have you made 1 or 2 mistakes repeatedly. Look at the type of situation where you make the wrong decision.

      4. Restart the training and do another 300-500... notice the improvement.

      5. Repeat this in every scenario you can think of and watch your bankroll grow...

      Hope this helps someone!
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    • SoyCD
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      Great advice NickParkes!

      I am currently teaching a complete beginner SNG play and have also recently been using the ICM trainer as a learning tool.

      One thing that I recommended and what I found quite interesting is to actually predict the ranges out loud before deciding on a course of action and then checking your predictions with the actual ranges given. This makes you not only decide whether you push or fold in a certain situations (which a lot of people do quite automated) but makes you actually think about how you would act in this situation with other hands - and what hands you would push or fold. This in turn forces you to actually think about all the factors and makes you justify your decision and better understand the processes behind ICM.

      This in turn leads to better results in the future. 100 hands in which you actually predict ranges and compare them to what happened are probably worth 1000 hands of just clicking push or fold without too much thought put into it.

      Aside from that - working on specific areas and situations is also great.

      Very nice post :)

      Best regards