[NL100+] Is this a bad play

    • Freaksta5
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      $2/$3 cash game.
      Seat 1 opens for $12 dollars seat 2 calls I’m in the hijack and raise to $41 dollars with QQ (stack of $650) button calls small blind raises to $152 (stack $720) with AA seat 1 folds seat 2 folds and I flat call ,the button folds(stack $285) pot before I call is SB raise is $111 and it’s another $111 for me to call and I’m pretty sure the button is folding.flop comes Q high and SB jams his whole stack and I call with nuts.git told it was a terrible play ?
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      how do u play in poker torunamet, do u start agressive or wait for good cards to start it slowly and take some of the prize, but small chances for a win