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Did I make a mess of this spot?

    • mallo93
      Joined: 08.11.2017 Posts: 5
      Scenario is as folllows;
      $65 buy in tournie down in Florida. 67 entries, top 7 paid, we are down to the final 10 players. Average stack is 140k. I have 120k starting this hand. blinds are 4k/8k w a 1k ante.
      2nd hand of final table. I am under the gun with :9s: :9c: I raise to 20k. Folds around to the small blind who is a loose but solid Asian guy who has 160k, after a few seconds, he makes the call.
      We see a flop of 2,2, 7 rainbow. I bet 20k. He goes all in. I should find a fold but panic & think he may be bluffing so I call. He shows pocket queens. Turn brings a queen and after 6 hours of good, solid play, I am eliminated in 10th for $0 and I feel terrible. It should be a fold all day right? Do you call or fold here? Is there any way of justifying that call? I mean I doubt he has many 2's in his range so I figured I am only losing to over pairs bigger than mine and that's exactly what he had. I just figured his range was wide when calling out of the small blind so I called.
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    • SDK1987
      Joined: 12.11.2008 Posts: 38,900
      I have moved the hand to our hand discussion forum, because it’s fits better there.

      You have 120k and that means you have only 15bb. This is for me a push/fold spot and 99 would be an easy push for me. Especially at a final table you will end up in awkward ICM situations if you don’t choose the easy approach like shoving with 3 players that still needs to bust to get ITM. If you want a good pushing range you need to know the paid outs and chip counts of all players.

      The flop is dry and he could set you under pressure as well with a decent amount of bluffs. I don’t think a call is to bad, but if you have some reads or tells on him it could make it easier for you to fold or call here, but if you shove pre-flop you don’t get in spots like this.