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Aloha !

    • smallhanzir
      Joined: 28.02.2009 Posts: 7
      I'm so happy i have found such a informative site. A brief how i started playing poker

      I started playing poker about a year ago. Funny story actually. Some friends rented a farmhouse for the weekend which i gladly joined into. About the time i arrived i noticed some people were playing a freez out poker turney (i know this now, at that time i had no idea what that ment). I was always interested in the game but never got down to playing with people, even though i knew the rules . . . briefly.

      One friend who was totaly drunk and has the lowest chip stack decided to have a nap on the couch. I immediatly jumped onto his seat thinking that the tourney was for fun (innocent huh ?), until i started winning and some guy pointed out that there was money involved. Good thing my drunk friend had already payed the registration.

      I played so tight, only playing AA,KK,AK,AQ,JJ,QQ,TT,TQ etc. I had no idea about position, blinds, odds, outs etc but strangely enough i managed to hit second place :D winning a total of €30 ! I felt so pumped after that. Not because of the money, because i enjoyed the pressure !

      From then i tried playing online, got on full tilt deposited 50$ and lost it in a matter of a few hours, re deposited and lost it again. Bankroll Management ? I think NOT ! So i stopped up until a few weeks ago i got an urge to start playing again. I bought some books, read some articles on this site and started playing again. Back on full tilt, started out with 50$ and now heading with 2xx$ playing 5c/10c NL Holdem.

      For now im really not looking at the cash im making because its peants but the high i get of playing is a buzz !

      Hope u enjoyed my little story.

      ******Sorry for the bad english and bad grammer. English is not my mother language*******
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    • vhallee
      Joined: 30.09.2008 Posts: 1,539
      Hello smallhanzir and welcome to PokerStrategy!

      I enjoyed your little story - funny how things work eh? ;)
      Regarding the other things you mentioned, bankroll management is a very important aspect if you want to be a winning player in the long run. To make sure you increase your skill, make good use of all our learning tools:

      - Strategy Articles
      - Instructional Videos
      - Coaching Sessions

      Also, remember to post in the forums whenever you need help with your game, or you simply want some opinions from our fellow players. And what if you would start your own Poker Blog? I'm sure some of us would like to read how you are doing :)

      Best regards,
    • yaxkukmian
      Joined: 24.12.2007 Posts: 2,020
      This kind of stories are the best. I think most of us started something like that (not exactly like you did but you know what I mean :D ). Poker pulls you in and when you start thinking about it, it becomes a very interesting game. I'm glad you found this site :) You'll be able to find many useful informations here.

      Keep posting. And good luck on the tables.