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$0.25 45-man SNG - AT in BB vs small open shove

    • ILuvBeachVB
      Joined: 17.06.2010 Posts: 410
      No Limit Hold'em Tournament T15/T30/T4
      Buy-in: $0.23+$0.02 USD Hold'em No Limit
      9 players
      Formatted by Poker HUD for Mac and Windows

      UTG - UTG (T1,675)
      UTG+1 - UTG+1 (T5,458)
      UTG+2 - UTG+2 (T1,529)
      MP - MP (T1,828)
      MP2 - MP2 (T395)
      CO - CO (T3,956)
      BTN - BTN (T1,181)
      SB - SB (T2,747)
      BB - Hero (T1,425)

      Preflop: (T81, 9 players) Hero is BB with A:diamond: T:club:
      3 folds, MP calls T30, MP2 raises to T391 (all-in), 3 folds, Hero?

      I ran this in ICM calc and ATo is bottom of calling range. Villain was 37/8/7 over 38 hands. Do we adjust range and fold because he is tight and maybe a bit fishy? Or do we reshove?

      Hero raises to T1,421 (all-in), 1 fold, Uncalled bet of T1,030 returned to Hero

      Flop: J:diamond: Q:club: 6:heart: (T863, 2 players, 1 all-in)

      Turn: 3:diamond: (T863, 2 players, 1 all-in)

      River: 6:club: (T863, 2 players, 1 all-in)

      Total Pot: T863
      Hero shows A:diamond: T:club: (a pair of Sixes)
      MP2 shows Q:heart: A:club: (two pair, Queens and Sixes)

      MP2 wins T863
  • 3 replies
    • AgapieGheorghe
      Joined: 10.07.2011 Posts: 1,524
      I think it is an easy fold. It´s still early and you shouldn´t trow your chips away, i think he will push pairs and AJ+ most of the time with 4 players to act after him.
    • Arnalsan
      Joined: 15.03.2010 Posts: 579
      As a matter of fact, It doesn't matter what hand such a villain shove. You gonna need a good EV+ in this tourney phase and ATo against a wide range full of Jx+ will be a problem for you. In order to win you gonna hit an Ace on board and hope he doesn't have an AJ+ or he made a big pair than yours.
    • SDK1987
      Joined: 12.11.2008 Posts: 38,490
      He looks like a fish for sure and they shoving not wide enough. Especially with a limper or he’s tilting on the moment of losing a big pot in the last hand. That could influence the decision as well, but normal is folding fine.