SP in Relation to FPP (Pokerstars)

    • Verre
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      I have a simple question. The FaQ says that I get 1 strategy point for every 2 FPPs I recieve. Since I have a rather new Pokerstars account I have been able to produce 94 FPPs over the week with my 50 starting capital.

      I notice that I still only have 24 SPs. I have had the same amount of SPs for 2 days. Is this just due to the fact that Pokerstars has not sent you the parces required to update info or are certain tournaments/SnGs not included?

      Thank You

      (PS, the starting capital have improved to 80 bucks playing micro limits.)
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    • Schnitzelfisch
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      oops, meant FTP
    • opal99
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      Hi Verre;

      you're right: you recieve 1 StrategyPoint per 2 base FPP (or VPP), so if you have 94 FPPs now, you'll get 47 SP next time PokerStars' list will be updated. Last update was on 28th of Feb, so that's the reason apparently.

      And no, there are no tourneys / games excluded, because it's based on your FPP, so PokerStrategy don't know what you play or not :)

      :spade: Good luck at the tables! :spade: