Up Against Flush Draws

    • bradomurder
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      Here is a question:

      In a sitngo very early phase I quite often seem to find myself up against opponents I put on a flush draw when i have high pair high kicker.

      often they will bet the draw and are more than happy to get all in (i'm playing fairly low BI).

      I can't remember the exact situation that made me write this but its come up a few times.

      say the blinds are 10-20 stacks are 1000 and flop comes down

      A :diamond: 2 :heart: 6 :heart:

      Pot is 250, I raise 200 and the opponent pushes and hypothetically you are 100% certain that they have a flush draw. Obviously a call is +EV but is it +$EV?

      Obviously you cant know for sure that they're on a draw but hypothetically.
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