Making odds calls?

    • NickParkes
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      OK, so in doing some reading the general assumption is that if you are offered 2:1 in an all-in situation is that it is profitable to call with ATC... am I correct?

      So in a SNG in the late stages should we make all these calls regardless of our stack sizes?

      If we are in the BB and there are 2 all-ins but we are offered 3:1 odds but we hold trash and losing cripples us, what should we do?

      I am trying to better understand making odds calls in the late stages... gonna see what ICM trainer says...
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    • viewer88
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      It's pretty much always -$EV to call when there are multiple people all-in (even with AK, you need high pockets).

      I only make pure odds calls when my stacksize doesn't get hurt too much in the proces, calling might be +$EV but securing a healthy stacksize and FE is definatly better in some cases.

      It's about finding that balance in the risk/reward imo: where the reward is the odds you get.