SSS - Pair on the Flop

    • SimbaTheLion
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      Here's a situation I'm not quite sure how to play:

      Suppose I'm in the BB with A5o, check to see the flop for free. The flop comes down 885 (or equivalently a pair and a 5, that's what I'm trying to get at). How do I play from here if someone has bet before me? Should I bet in this situation if no one has bet before me?

      Cheers :) .
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    • PidKoker
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      This is a freeplay and according to SSS you should have 2pair or better when in a freeplay situation.
    • themagpiespg
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      as there was a raise before you I would fold as you only have bottom pair and you could be up against a much stronger hand ie if the raiser is lose he could have an 8 or slow played a bigger pair, so I would wait for a better hand or he may have nothing but over cards so could out draw you. I know it looks like a good hand with the pair of 8 on board but if he hits the 8's help him as well.

      hope this helps
    • williamtywong
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      If someone has bet out before you you should definitely fold. If no one has bet, it might be worthwhile to bet out potsize (since u are BB and able to play, must be unraised pot). But you would have to ditch the hand if you get called/raised, unless you improve.