12 BI downswing on SSS

    • dadude77
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      Started off great month up about $60 in about 3.6k hands plus about $80 in bonuses on NL20 SSS on mansion, and NL25 on stars, now today all went down, -$45. in 1k hands. Not really any tilt, took time inbetween, reviewed, reread articles, posted. Confident in the hands i played. Just a bad day :(
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    • RavForenzo
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      ive just had a 21 BI swing on SSS, reched my lowest point of $38, ive battled back upto $50 now broke even after 18k hands..now that is one hell of a killer knowing you've played so much for absolutely nothing! the only thing I can take comfort in are the FPP/VPP points i've collected! :evil: onwards and upwards I hope! i guess some of it is lessons learnt too, so not all for NOTHING. but in terms of money rewards diddley squat. how frustrating it can be!
    • MargaretaG
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      i had 29 BI playing sss 25 50 c. Lost half of my bankroll.I allmost reaached 200 $ point where i should move down to 10 25 c. But i managed my way up and today after 3 weeks i have 450$ .. and hopely i will move up .
    • Dragar
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      first time you experience this its always hard. Then it goes better.

      My first downswing was 60$ NL10... crushing
      Next one was 250$ NL20... even more crushing
      Then another 250$ one... not too bad anymore
      Currently 160$ and growing... I don't mind anymore since I know it will come back sooner or later.

      (none of these are SSS though)

      You just have to worry about tilt and so on. I play too aggro for stacks when I am on a ds. It usually makes up 1/3 of my losses or so.

      Just keep ya head up :)