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[NL5] Advice appreciated on a cash game hand

    • Flaaahnge
      Joined: 12.12.2017 Posts: 3
      I was playing a 2/5 full ring cash game Utg+3 with A/10. Folded to me, I call. HJ raises to 15. Button and I call. Pot 52. Flop 6,4,8(rb). I check. HJ bets 35. Button folds. I have BD flush and str88 draws and 2 x overs. I call. Pot 1.22. Turn 7(d). No flush draw out there. I’m certain I,m behind but have 14 outs, some tainted, as they probably improve his hand, esp’ the Ace. The 5 and 9 give a straight, which may be a split. The Ace and 10 may also improve his hand. Check. He checks behind. River 7(c). I bet $1.17 and he calls. He shows 86(d) and had flopped 2 x pair.

      Not sure why I made the choices I did. If I’d raised initially, he may have folded. Also, if he 3 bet I could have folded and saved money on later streets.

      I think calling is sometimes OK here, though. I had a decent suited Ace and was out of position, so got to see a flop reasonably cheaply.

      The main problem was I did not range opponent during the hand. If I did, I’d probably have had him on A(x), Pair, Broadway or suited connector when he first raised. He bet strong on the flop, so I’d have had him probably on an overpair, or A6,8, or 4. I wouldn’t have had him on 2 x pair. When he checked on the turn, I thought he had a hand like AK, AQ, KQ and had given up. I didn’t consider he’d check if he hit a full house (or a straight) as well and may have been trapping; which is exactly what I’d have done. On the river, I tried to take the pot down by bluffing but didn’t consider the possibilities of hands he could, and did, have.

      Any advice appreciated. Cheers Andy Howie.
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    • VorpalF2F
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      Super Moderator
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      Hi Flaaahnge,
      Welcome to!
      I moved your post to the hand discussion forum where it is more likely to get answers...

      All the best,
    • SDK1987
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      I guess this is a NL5 online hand. Maybe good to post a good hand history next time. That makes it easier to understand the hand. If you don’t know how that works you can check out our How to use the hand discussion forums thread.

      Pre-flop would be a standard open. Now you play out of position without initiative and that’s tough if you don’t hit top pair or better on the flop. Now you have only backdoor draws on the flop and is folding the only right thing to do I think.

      The river is tricky without any info of our villain to try to bluff on him. Off course some 2-pair combos are counterfeited, but he need to fold an over pair or something to make a bluff profitable and I don’t think it would work often enough to make a bluff profitable. It depends off course a lot per villain.

    • pokerboy198229
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      pre open is the best option, folding is second best, calling is worst because all bad cards now have more options like to check behind and try to flop for cheap or isolate your limp and take the initiatief from you.
      As played checking river is the best because you could have the best hand, you dont get called by worse and he is not folding much.