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[NL50] Cash game advice

    • Flaaahnge
      Joined: 12.12.2017 Posts: 3
      I was playing in a in a 6 max game 25/50c. I had KK in the HJ. Utg folds. I decide to slow-play and call. Folded to SB, who raises to $2. Have him on a wide range. A(x), Broadway, Suited conn, Pair. BB folds. Pot $4.50. Flop 6,5(s),6(c). Check, Check. At this stage, I have 2 x pair and believe he has over cards to the flop, A(x) hands and even an overpair. Turn 6(s). He checks and I bet 50, trying to look weak (with a full house). He raises to $1 and I call. At this time, I have him on a overpair and a lower full house. I call, trying to maintain my weak image. River 10(c). He bets $3.37. I raise to $11.74. He bets $34.22 and I call all-in. He shows 65(h) and has the nutts with quads.

      This hand exposed my naivety as a poker player. I probably got a bit greedy as well and should have carried out the all-in drill before calling (whats his range, what are the pot odds, whats my equity). I didn’t even consider that if he had 10/10, he’d have had a better full house.

      I think I played OK up until the river but should have called the $3.37. However, would this normally be losing value?? Not sure if this was variance or bad play on my part.

      Any advice appreciated. Cheers AH
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    • CptJokerFish
      Joined: 06.06.2017 Posts: 792
      Stop playing NL50 and play NL2 or playmoney. You have deserved it that you have lost your stack.

      1. Dont limp from HJ. Unless you have a really good reason. For example if the SB is super aggressive and is always raising very big (6-7x+) vs. limps then you can limp. But in 99% of the case its very bad to limp.

      Your hand is completly missplayed ....
      But ok, as played you should bet the flop and turn. You can call on Turn if you think that he has some bluffs there in his range. So he can bet with his bluffs again on river and then you can reraise him and try to get your money in.

      Your river reraise and the All-In call was good. Sometimes you will run in the better hand but thats part of then game.
      You are only beat vs. AA, TT, 6x.
      But he can have also AT,KT,QT,T9 .... (and a few more hands. Maybe sometimes also some Ax, Kx hands)
      Villain should cbet his range with a very high frequency (~90%) of the time with a 33% bet size on flop. His flop check was also very bad.
    • VorpalF2F
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      Super Moderator
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      Hi all,
      I moved this thread to the "No Limit" hand discussion forum,

      All the best,
    • Flaaahnge
      Joined: 12.12.2017 Posts: 3
      Cheers 4 ur comments. I've a long way to go, I agree, and I have signed up for poker coaching. It was them who advised to post some badly played hands online for feedback. All the best AH