[NL2-NL10] NL 10 FR getting KQ 3x

    • purplefizz
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      i just found it quite odd to get KQ almost 3 times in a row so thought of posting them together if that's ok. finally found an Everest converter that works. Thank you SoyCD, you handsome man you. :tongue:

      1. Everest Poker - NL Hold'em | 8 Players | $0.05 / $0.10 | Everest Grab'em

      Budda07 ($10.73)
      bilnuifnf ($2.00)
      BillyJambers ($20.71)
      ourasi94 ($6.61)
      HERO is SB ($1.60)
      pierreparre ($11.08)
      ingrid49 ($2.25)
      martin2470 ($9.95)

      Preflop: HERO is dealt Q, K
      5 folds, HERO raises to $0.35, pierreparre calls $0.30

      Flop ($0.80) (4, J, J) (2 Players):
      HERO checks, pierreparre raises to $0.80, HERO raises to $1.20 and is all in, pierreparre calls $0.40

      Turn ($3.20) (4, J, J, 6, K) :

      pierreparre has 9, 10
      HERO has Q, K

      Final Pot: $3.20
      HERO wins $3.04.

      2. Everest Poker - NL Hold'em | 9 Players | $0.05 / $0.10 | Everest Grab'em

      Budda07 ($10.73)
      bilnuifnf ($2.00)
      BillyJambers ($20.71)
      smoothmrocan ($2.00)
      Eumelbaer ($4.90)
      ourasi94 ($7.25)
      HERO is CO ($3.04)
      pierreparre ($9.43)
      martin2470 ($10.00)

      Preflop: HERO is dealt Q, K
      3 folds, HERO raises to $0.40, 3 folds

      HERO mucks

      Final Pot: $0.25
      HERO wins $0.25.

      3. Everest Poker - NL Hold'em | 10 Players | $0.05 / $0.10 | Everest Grab'em

      Budda07 ($10.63)
      bilnuifnf ($2.00)
      BillyJambers ($20.71)
      smoothmrocan ($2.00)
      Eumelbaer ($4.90)
      ourasi94 ($7.25)
      HERO ($3.19)
      pierreparre ($9.43)
      Ipliusa ($5.00)
      martin2470 ($9.95)

      Preflop: HERO is dealt K, Q
      BillyJambers calls $0.10, 2 folds, HERO raises to $0.50, 1 fold, Ipliusa calls $0.40, 3 folds, BillyJambers calls $0.40

      Flop ($1.55) (J, 10, 9) (3 Players):
      BillyJambers checks, HERO raises to $1.00, Ipliusa calls $1.00, BillyJambers raises to $5.65, HERO calls $1.69, Ipliusa calls $3.50

      Turn ($14.39) (J, 10, 9, 5, K) :

      BillyJambers has J, 10
      HERO has K, Q
      Ipliusa has K, K

      Final Pot: $13.34
      HERO wins $9.23.
      Ipliusa wins $3.45.

      KQ for me is one of the most difficult hands to play in the SSS chart so this was an interesting session.
      For the first one, I think maybe i should have just went all in on flop. i'm not sure i had enough fold equity with my reraise there. i just did not believe he had the J at all even though i actually would've liked to have had at least A high. (thats my big problem w/ KQ, any A-rag will beat me on a flop like that)
      second hand is standard reraise in late position i think.
      third hand gives me the nuts! woohoo. although the FD was kinda giving me the jitters.
      maybe im starting to like KQ. :D

      *reviewed it again, spotted a mistake-- was MP2 in the third hand so wasnt supposed to be playing that hand at all. its just seeing all those KQs confused me =)
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    • TheBu11d0g
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      Hey purplefizz,

      One other thing that i noticed is that in hand 1 you should have raised to 0.40 so nothing major there. But on the flop seeing as you were pf aggressor and against only one villian you should have made a 2/3 cbet of around 0.60.

    • dadude77
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      a) raise to 4 bb's as stated by the bul11dog
      b) cbet flop since you're only against one person, as played I would fold after checking

      2) fine

      3) It was nice that they raise pushed you, but I think especially on NL10 you can bet more for value for your first bet on the flop

      even if same hand, please post in different threads
    • Gerv
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      Ugh 1 hand at a time plz, maximum 2!

      Hand 1: I would cbet/fold because Check/calll or check/raise is bad with 2 overcards!

      Hand 2: Eh why do you post this? This one is good played

      Hand 3: Which position are you? Mp2? FOLD! only play KQ from CO+ in unraised situations preflop

      As played, easiest Bet/Shove on the Flop with the nutz