Folding if you didn't raise preflop

    • meteoric
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      When just following the basic nl handout chart, it says;

      If you raised before the flop, you play an OESD or flush draw aggressively. Go all-in on the flop if you can. If you didn't raise before the flop, fold.

      Other than checking the BB, I can't see any situation where you didn't raise before the flop (since the chart doesn't say limp in at any point - it's all raise or fold).

      Am I missing something, or is that it?
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    • TheBu11d0g
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      Hey meteoric,

      You have the understanding correct. It was talking about being in the BB and hitting a FD or OESD on the flop, then you play c/f otherwise cbet or push if cbet is equal to >50% of your remaining stack.

      Hope this helps.