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25€ PSKO AJo turned into bluff

    • ghaleon
      Joined: 17.10.2007 Posts: 6,177
      Ok so site is without tracking support so bit of unusual way to represent hand. BB player had seemed like solid player. BU is calling machine. My bounty was around 30€ in this hand. This is final table.

      Well preflop I could have made bit larger which would be better with good BB player and deep stacks.

      Flop is ok but it easily hits villain ranges as well and with Ac I dont have much to protect against. So went for check.

      Turn gives club and BB bets. He can have lot of stuff here but A, J or clubs will be out for me anyway good amount of time plus he can have decent amount of semibluffs.

      River is relatively blank outside of 67 hitting straight. I do beat some of his bluffs but lose to all of value range most likely. Maybe beating like KJ if he goes for thin value. So I think he too often has top pair or two pairs to call but I think this combo works pretty nice as bluff raise? I do block nuts and some of stronger two pair combos. So I decided to shove for maximum pressure which I would also do with lot of flush combos. Because I would not assume lot of fold equity on flop I would tend to check some of flush draws. QcQx I might check sometimes to protect check range but making shove with it might be overplay on river.

      Anyway I think BB rarely has sets (only 88, 55) and all of his top pair or two pair hands are in pretty awkward spot. Straight probably not folding. What do you think of thinking process I had? I think this being PSKO wont matter much here as it is FT. My bounty aint that big and I am doing this as second stack.

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    • SDK1987
      Joined: 12.11.2008 Posts: 38,900
      The blinds look like 3.600/1.800 and most likely an ante of around 400. The site looks like Unibet.

      Sizing pre-flop isn’t to bad. I expect most players would min raise at the final table.
      Bluff shoving river is interesting. Especially in a chip leader and 2nd chip stack dynamic it cost you a lot of money if he would call and that’s why I would prefer to bluff catch with the flush blocker. Otherwise I would fold for sure.