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[NL2] AA in a multiway pot

    • DannyHorsley
      Joined: 03.12.2014 Posts: 188
      Hi all,

      I had AA UTG and got 3 callers from a 3BB raise. Flop comes :Qh: :8c: :9d: and I bet just under pot size to try to isolate the hand. Im thinking here that any Q will call along with some J's, 10's and maybe some mid or low pairs. One player folds and two call. The turn comes :9s: . I make another (smaller) bet just under 1/2 the pot, which I now think was quite small but in retrospect saved me some money, as a bigger bet still wouldn't have earnt me any additional folds. River comes a :Td: making the board very draw heavy. I make a small bet to try and get a cheap showdown but see a raise from MP+2 and fold the aces.

      I feel that I played this hand very badly. I didn't pay much attention to my opponents stats and made some very poor betting mistakes on the turn and river. I'll let you all see the showdown result for yourself. Can anybody offer some suggestions/advice on how I could have played this hand better?

      888 Poker - $0.02 NL - Holdem - 9 players
      Hand converted by PokerTracker 4

      MP+2: 123 BB (VPIP: 20.69, PFR: 3.45, 3Bet Preflop: 0.00, Hands: 29)
      CO: 82 BB (VPIP: 15.91, PFR: 15.91, 3Bet Preflop: 7.69, Hands: 45)
      BTN: 96 BB (VPIP: 14.49, PFR: 5.31, 3Bet Preflop: 0.00, Hands: 207)
      SB: 113 BB (VPIP: 15.88, PFR: 0.65, 3Bet Preflop: 0.43, Hands: 614)
      BB: 48 BB (VPIP: 28.57, PFR: 14.29, 3Bet Preflop: 0.00, Hands: 14)
      Hero (UTG): 193 BB
      UTG+1: 71 BB (VPIP: 6.91, PFR: 3.66, 3Bet Preflop: 0.94, Hands: 247)
      MP: 105.5 BB (VPIP: 18.18, PFR: 10.23, 3Bet Preflop: 0.00, Hands: 89)
      MP+1: 65.5 BB (VPIP: 12.35, PFR: 0.00, 3Bet Preflop: 0.00, Hands: 83)

      SB posts SB 0.5 BB, BB posts BB 1 BB

      Pre Flop: (pot: 1.5 BB) Hero has A:diamond: A:heart:

      Hero raises to 3 BB, fold, fold, fold, MP+2 calls 3 BB, fold, fold, SB calls 2.5 BB, BB calls 2 BB

      Flop: (12 BB, 4 players) Q:heart: 8:club: 9:diamond:
      SB checks, BB checks, Hero bets 10 BB, MP+2 calls 10 BB, SB calls 10 BB, fold

      Turn: (42 BB, 3 players) 9:spade:
      SB checks, Hero bets 20 BB, MP+2 calls 20 BB, SB calls 20 BB

      River: (102 BB, 3 players) T:diamond:
      SB checks, Hero bets 15 BB, MP+2 raises to 30 BB, SB raises to 80 BB and is all-in, fold, MP+2 calls 50 BB

      MP+2 shows J:club: J:spade: (Straight, Queen High)
      (Pre 81%, Flop 22%, Turn 0%)
      SB shows 9:club: 9:heart: (Four of a Kind, Nines)
      (Pre 19%, Flop 78%, Turn 100%)
      SB wins 260 BB
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