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[NL5] MSS NL5 / 6Max Zoom

    • DGekkoP
      Joined: 04.10.2016 Posts: 2
      Hey Guys,

      So after a bit of study, I recently started playing again, and after todays brief session, couple doubts came to me while playing, Its not a professional post of hands because HEM does not work in Ignition Poker, so here it goes.

      Hand 1

      Hero ( $2.50)
      Villain ($5)

      Hero is in CO = 99

      Hero Opens to 3x (15c) , Villain in the BU , 3 Bets to 9x (45c)

      Hero Folds.

      What are the opinions on my fold being that I am playing MSS ?
      I thought about a Push, but really wasnt sure, so Just folded, but it does seem a bit "tightish" to me and -EV

      Hand 2

      Hero ($2.50)
      Villain BB ($4.50)

      Hero is in BB = 88

      CO Limps (5c) , Fold ... Hero Raises 5x (25c) , Villain in BB Calls, CO Folds.

      Flop = 2-2-5 Rainbow ( Pot = $0.55)

      Hero Bets $0.45c
      Villain 3Bets to $1
      Hero is All in
      Villain Calls

      Turn = K ( Diamonds )
      River = J ( Spades )

      Villain Shows = J5s ( Diamonds ), Wins with 2 Pair.

      The doubt that i had here, was if did i get much out of my way for my shove, or would it be a correct play ?
      I thought i would do that with Top Paid ( 5 ), Pockets 33 - 1010 ( Cant imagine he wouldnt 3Bet my preflop raise with better ), and a few Ax combos.

      Hand 3

      This one wasnt really much play, but did come to mind if between 3Betting here or Flat Calling . which would be better long term.

      So 6-Max ( UTG - MP - CO - BU-SB-BB )

      Villain is in MP or UTG+2 or Hijack lol..
      Villain opens for 3x (15c)

      Hero is in the SB with 1010
      Hero 3bets to 0.45c
      Villain Calls

      Flop = K 7 2 Rainbow
      Hero Bets 2/3 Pot, Villain Folds.

      Thanks in advance for the help:f_drink:
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    • SDK1987
      Joined: 12.11.2008 Posts: 38,930
      I have moved your hands to our hand discussion forum, but I recommend posting 1 hand per thread. Than it’s easier to give feedback per hand. Further it’s also smart to read the How to use the hand discussion forums thread for all the information to post a hand the appropriate way.

      All 3 hands I would play the same way against unknowns with a 50bb starting stack or you have some reads in this fast format on 1 of the players, but I doubt it.

    • DSharkP
      Joined: 16.09.2012 Posts: 192
      Hi SDK,

      Thanks for the info and for the Help.

      I posted also on 2+2 , and so far the Folding the 99 x BU 3Bet seems to be an easy shove/call, I dont like the calling would be more inclined to shove there
    • DGekkoP
      Joined: 04.10.2016 Posts: 2
      Hey Guys,

      Thanks for the input, Will see what more people say.

      DS thanks that's a good idea, Will also be around on 2+2
    • pokerboy198229
      Joined: 20.08.2011 Posts: 1,636
      Hand 1: most of te times fold, but against aggro its a shove too
      Hand 2: well played, bad result
      Hand 3: i dont like the sizing of the c-bet, if he has a King he never folds anayway so now you commit yourself with your chip stack. I would bet a little bit higher than half pot so you could get called by worse hands like A highs and small pairs.