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BB action after one limp

    • GIACE
      Joined: 27.03.2008 Posts: 30
      I find myself being in the same spot over and over again and not knowing what the best move is.

      I'm playing a SnG and there are 5-8 players left. Everybody has about the same stack, give or take a couple of hundred. I have a rather tight image, I'm waiting for the right spots to put my money in. I'm in the bigblind and somebody in middle or late position limps (since it's early I ofter don't really have any sort of a read on him) and everybody else folds (including the small blind). It gets back to me in the BB with lets say Q8o or something like that.

      Do I check or do I raise the weak limper preflop? Let's say I raise 3xBB and he calls and I don't flop a pair, do I risk more of my chips by contibetting or do I surrender the pot with a check?

      If I do check preflop and don't flop a pair, what do I do? If I check the limper almost always bets out, as he should since I'm checking to him. If I raise I'm risking chips with no hand and no idea of what my opponent holds.

      I hate being in this situation with some mediocre trash like JTo or Q8, but I also hate just giving up my big blind without a fight. What's the best move here?
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    • Verre
      Joined: 24.02.2009 Posts: 708
      Well my stats over the last week have been down (mostly because I have strayed from this strategy) I would always make a continuation bet.

      The best thing about having a decent tight image is that you can get away with making that continuation bet on the flop. Dont make a ridiculous continuation bet to the point where you are crippling yourself and pricing in for another call on the turn.

      If you get played back at you know your in for a fight, and thats where the questions start, but 80% of the time the person is calling because of position and feel it is necessary to call 2x bb more just to see what happens. I win alot of small pots like this.