So very happy...

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      Hi guys...

      I'm really sorry if you dont like brag posts :P hehe... :D

      I play a strict SSS with my $135 bankroll on pokerstars, but tonight I decided to go with a couple of friends here in Iceland to a place where they were hosting a $15 turbo, rebuy first 90 minutes and 1 add on in the break. 43 people took part and and the blinds were indeed steep.

      About half an hour before the end of the rebuy period I called one of those insane rebuy maniacs all in with AQ and he showed 56... of course he hit the 6 on the river. I didn't let that bother me and decided I'd take one rebuy.

      Starting stack was 15.000 chips and I had those up to about 24.000 chips when the break hit us. I decided that since I was somewhat below average I'd take an add on for 20.000 chips.

      Long story short... I stayed patient and didn't really get any insanely good hands all night long, but I only played the ones I was pretty sure I'd win. :)
      Then I reached the final table... kept growing strong... When I had about 350.000 chips and a guy went all in on my AA I doubled up to about 800.000 chips :D Stayed that way until there were 3 of us left.

      Short stack had 280.000 chips and the 2 of us had about 780.000 chips each! So I suggested a split and they agreed. We gave about $360 to the 3rd place and took $680 each for 1st place :D :D :D

      Just so very VERY happy with this cash... awesome :P
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