new to site, not to poker :)

    • bennos12
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      Hi people..

      Just started here, getting 50$ free on PartyPoker.
      was used to play on Victor Chandler (i-poker) mainly doing 5$ SnG, preferably turbo.
      Going to try and use a little better bankroll management here, since on VC I have been playing other stuff too, ranging from 1$ SnG to 20$ SnG.. now going to stick to 1-3$ SnG, mostly multi-table.
      I always play NL hold 'em, apart from earlier when I didn't get the PartyPoker lay-out yet and won the NL 50 people 3$.. lol always fun to win games you dont understand.

      Anyways, hope to see you at tables / learn some stuff :)

      bennos12 (or bennos123@ partypoker)
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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi bennos12, welcome to PokerStrategy.

      I too started on VC a good few years ago, was a nice site liked it, but I now play mostly on Full Tilt as its my linked PokerStrategy account (and rakeback etc).

      Anyway, you'll find everyone here friendly and supportive/helpful to each others games, so if don't be afraid of posting any questions or sample hands on the forum.
      Also there is so much strategy information, free live coaching sessions, poker software etc available on here.

      Wishing you every success and look forward to seeing a bennos12 blog sometime in the future maybe ;)

      Good luck buddy,

    • SoyCD
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      Hello bennos12 and welcome to the community!

      Im glad that everything went smoothly - and hope to see you actively progressing as a player. Be sure the check out the Bronze content now that you have access to it- there are more articles and also videos which are extremely helpful in further improving your game.

      If you approach Poker with the correct attitude (I can recommend the article Professional Attitude which deals with the mindset of winning players) there are no bounds to your progress.

      So good luck at the tables - follow the bankroll management (can't say this often enough) - post hands you are unsure about - and keep us updated!

      Best regards,