[NL20-NL50] Nl50 ,ATs,Sh

    • eszibit
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      Hand Information
      Full Tilt Poker - Get $600 Free , 0.5 BB (7 handed).
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      Table Information
      Seat: 1 Player 1 ($131.05) Big Blind
      Seat: 2 Hero ($50)
      Seat: 5 Player 5 ($156.74)
      Seat: 6 Player 6 ($120.05)
      Seat: 7 Player 7 ($52.95)
      Seat: 9 Player 9 ($43.57) Dealer
      Seat: 10 Player 10 ($14.65) Small Blind
      Dealt to Hero
      :Th: :Ah:

      Preflop (Pot:0.75)
      CALL Hero$0.5
      RAISE Player 5 $2.5
      CALL Player 6 $2.5
      FOLD Player 7
      FOLD Player 9
      FOLD Player 10
      FOLD Player 1
      CALL Hero$2

      Flop(Pot: $8.25)
      :Td: :4h: :Kh:

      CHECK Hero
      BET Player 5 $5
      RAISE Player 6 $12
      CALL Hero$12
      CALL Player 5 $7

      Turn(Pot: $44.25)
      :Td: :4h: :Kh: :9d:

      CHECK Hero
      BET Player 5 $22.12
      FOLD Player 6
      ALL-IN Hero
      CALL Player 5 $13.38

      River(Pot: $115.25)
      :Td: :4h: :Kh: :9d: :Ac:

      I didn't push on flop cuz i wanted a call or a raise from the pre-flop agressor or can i fold flop because bet/raise? BTW i had some stats on player 6 ,very fishy.
      player 5 was Tag so i didn't think he can have JQ to fold turn
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    • darkonebg
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      Dont open limp!Raise (or fold)ATs from UTG.
      Get it in on that flop, while your draw is strong enough equity wise.
    • eszibit
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      i prefer to open limp because i find myself facing a 3bet often and when i call i'm always behind and i think folding ATs is too weak so i just wait for such a flop and get it in ,as for the call on flop is because i had some stats and he was Tag and i was shure he will shove and maybe the 3rd player would call.Folding equity i was very shure i don't have..so i knew one way ore the other i will get it all in.As it turned out he had set KK ..so my reads were correct.
    • csnmf
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      agree with judge

      A10s UTG 7 handed is a bit marginal you can fold it preflop or open raise it,

      Just never open limp, there are so many reasons which i am sure are in the articles which you can reread. You have fold equity player 5 should be folding hands like AK, AA here alot of the time and i have no idea what player 6 has.

      Not open raising because you are scared of being 3 bet is nonsense if you took that stance, that you can only raise hands which you don't mind being 3 bet you would have a pfr stat of ~4