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My 25c spin&go challenge.

    • kondor101RNMD
      Joined: 01.06.2008 Posts: 13
      Inspired by the idea of SpinLegends. I have decided to bank some hours playing spins.
      BR = $30.59 USD.

      Will move up to $1 if I ever reach $100, and bounce about a bit until settled.

      Will post my hours and chipev every Friday night / Saturday morning.

      Will play the simple strategy.

      OK. Here we go.
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    • metalmonkey80
      Joined: 15.08.2013 Posts: 2,775
      Hello kondor101RNMD,

      Good luck in your bank roll challenge and I look forward to reading how you get on in the coming months :f_thumbsup:


    • SpinsCrusher
      Joined: 02.05.2018 Posts: 14
      Hey man, If you have 3handed experience and feel comfortable postFlop dont waste your time on grinding up your BR to 100$.

      If It would be me doing your challenge I would play 1$ games when BR is 50$ and drop to .25$ when BR is 12,5$ , but to be a bit on ther safer site just go back to .25$ games when BR is 25$.

      Those games are so spewy and easy , that you will experience very low variance compared to higher games!

      This was just my opinnion , but you shoulöd stick to a Plan with which you feel comfortable with :)
      PS: check my Stream, if you like informative content about Spin & Go´s, starting on Monday 18:00CEST

      GL at the tables ;)
    • Janusrichmond
      Joined: 28.07.2009 Posts: 2,455
      Agree with Spinscrusher. It´s probably a better idea to mentally practise on moving up and down in limits with a more aggresive bank roll manegment, the risk is otherwise that you loose motivation when the stakes are too low. But you choose what´s fits you the best. I have played the lowest limits myself for long time but I think a more aggresive bankroll management is more fun and inspiring!
    • kondor101RNMD
      Joined: 01.06.2008 Posts: 13
      I totally understand the comments in regards to moving up and down. But in reality I am just trying to get my mind in the right place to be able to handle many hours at the tables without losing too much and learning a lot along the way. The different opponents in spins present different problems for me. For instance the folks who just throw a 1 blind bet out on every turn. Its a problem because of the stack sizes, a blind hurts if you just treat it as a check... and at the same time it can hurt to be aggro with cbets, especially against the one blind bet per street folk. Honestly with these people I am still to figure out a strategy and tend to turn to push fold charts. Which is a shame, because we all like to have more gears to our game and ways to exploit what they are doing. Anyway, main thing is getting my brain to understand it is ok as I will get better and the main thing is playing lots of games.
    • kondor101RNMD
      Joined: 01.06.2008 Posts: 13
      Had a bit of a database crash for some unknown reason at the start of the week, but didn't miss much. From the last week I have 151 games ROI 39%... I am using HM2, and with a bit of calculations it seems so far my chipev calculates that I should be winning 38%. ((Chip EV Adj / games) +500) /15

      Took a bit to get mentally used to the ups and downs, but now I absolutely love the variance in them. Adore them. A losing streak, where you constantly get beat can feel crushing at first, but already I just find the game hilarious. Really don't mind that the last few days I seem to have missed every multiplier that was worth hitting. Because while I was getting my initial tactics sorted of course I had a downswing, a big un, but it was neutralised by the $6.25 win which was a nice one to hit. Just the right time too as my database decided reset itself at around break even and at the same time got my game a bit more sorted. Currently around $32.50 .

      Goal now for this week
      The games take about 7 mins on average it seems, a 35hr week would equal 2100mins. That would be 300 games, so about double of what I have in my database for this week. 300 games is the goal.

      Graph should show a little bit how I improved some of my non-showdown winnings as the week went on.