Problem with the 175$ instant bonus

    • ZxeR
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      Hello im writting you here because i already write to customer service and i didnt receive any answer.On 03.03 i deposit on pacific poker following the steps on this link
      but i didnt receive the 175$ instant bonus.I wrote the pacific support and they told me this:
      regret to inform you that Pokerstrategy are not offering a bonus of
      $175 upon your first deposit. However, they are offering a $50 bonus.

      Unfortunately, I have received confirmation from the affiliate team and
      I regret to inform you that you are not eligible to receive the bonus as
      you have already made a deposit into your account.

      and also this is their second mail :

      Kindly be advised Poker Strategy are run two types of offer.

      The 1st is 125% upto $475, and this is the bonus your are referring to.
      And the second is a $50 free and $100 pending.

      I have checked your account, and you came though the second option. But
      as you deposited before you received the $50 free, I am very sorry to
      inform you but you are not eligible to receive this bonus.

      Im wondering where are this 2 promotions and how did i sign the 2nd one if i follow correctly all the steps.I deposit there because of the 175$ instant bonus promotion not because of the other one...So can you tell me will i receive the 175$ instant bonus and when will i receive.Im not going to play there and will cashout my money if the problem doesnt resolve.
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    • bufcapbrp
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      I had a similar problem. I deposited but didn't recieve any first-deposit bonus, then I chatted w/ them and they told me they would credit my account. It took them 2 days to do so, and I litterally harrassed them on the chat. Moreover, after the 25% initial bonus (which you will have to wager to get the remaining 75%) they wouldn't give me the 50$ and 100$ pending, for the very same reason as you stated below - i depositted before i got the 50$...

      So, eventually after a week of struggle w/ them I got all my bonuses (the 25% and the 50$)... It's virtually impossible to wager the remaining 75%, btw.
    • ZxeR
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      Im going to cashout from there all this story was really frustrated.