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Fishing Expedition 1/3 NL

    • thedessertguy
      Joined: 18.05.2018 Posts: 1
      Was playing at the MGM earlier today and I was running hot at the table I was on playing 1/3 NL. I started with 300$ and built up to 8 or 900$ at one point. I was playing pretty tight because the table was only playing big cards, only betting when they have it, and giving me free cards left and right.

      I won about 250$ off one guy for example who checked a turn to me, I checked behind and caught the nut flush. He bet the river 75$ and when I went all in he called with a straight.

      I made some plays at a few pots and even tried bluffing the donkey at the table losing about 200$ after he called on a river with a rag ace to my Q high. Mostly he was playing garbage and had a really lucky streak after he went broke a few times.

      A couple hours into the game I was loosening up my range to eventually take advantage of some made hands; so I was in control. I bluffed off a few chips but the table was very passive and there was typically no action preflop worth talking about. I limped A/Q in position right before my last hand.

      The hand in question goes like this:

      9 players at the table. All about modest stacks except for me and the donkey. The donkey caught a lucky hand right before this and had the table covered with about 1000$. I had around 750$.

      Donkey calls 3$ UTG. Someone then opens in middle position with a small raise around 15$ Had two callers in front of me, I called with 7h4s in CO. I knew I was going to get odds and I was outplaying people post flop. Dealer calls, and then SB goes all in for a total of about 35$. Donkey calls after BB folds, there were calls back to me, and two calls behind me. All total there's about 200$ in the pot.

      Flop comes: 5s6s7s

      Action on the donkey. Donkey bets out 125$. I didn't really put him on a hand to be honest. The table folds to me. I knew I couldn't call here. If I go all in and he has garbage I can take down his 150$ and have a great shot at the all in. If he has a set I have outs. If he has J/10s or a Q high flush he probably has to fold. If he has a made straight he's gonna fold and I have outs and even a blocker against a big pocket pair with As . Even if he DOES have the nuts I have the straight flush outs.

      I went all in for about 750$. Action folds back to him. He snap calls with Q/Ks. Turn comes a 4d and the river was a Js.

      Overall the pot was probably good for about $17-1800 after he called and my buy in was only 300$.

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    • Lazza61
      Joined: 23.03.2011 Posts: 10,982
      Hey thedessertguy,

      Welcome to :welcome:

      I'll move this to our Hand Discussion board, where it's more likely to get a response.

      If you have any questions for us, then please don't hesitate to ask.

      Have fun :gl: