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Researching what is.

    • STLfan
      Joined: 03.04.2017 Posts: 59
      Writing is important, important to find the answers to my questions. This is why I write to find out why, not to inform, or help because I am not that smart, however, this process helps me discover information that might not otherwise, be found?

      Just writing about whatever that comes to mind, thoughts about, when observing in real time then blends with, concepts away from the table come into a post while gathering qualitative information.

      The raw data of 25K of words that come from bullet points and a review of a movie, however, I was just reviewing how to further along information into some formula my game could relate with when playing.

      By having triggers on paper to further the thought process from one concept then after experience that comes from conceptual thinking.

      This information will transfer into knowing decisions based on how quick I become to gather experience without leaking away bankroll, chips; however a player would categorize loss of value?

      Just writing to become better at answering questions set up by writing then transferring into set up play by understanding, comparing, contrasting words that define set up for this to exist in the mind.

      Then transform into the moment by the leap of knowing that is and became from what was just a formation of thought until it came out onto paper?

      Is this not similar to how thought of knowing or simply knowing by how we use our path of learning as steps to form our scenarios at the table by observation that repeat themselves?

      Because as we learn we merely just repeat decisions based on certain board textures then the opposite when other board textures have us merely repeat other decisions?

      Nine players, pre flop, all go to the flop, nine players, three base decisions, check, fold, bet, this equals 81 decisions total, 27 possible, different, on each street, from three streets of play based on one player having three decisions on each street, each player having an option of decisions in each hand if played to the river.

      The total amount of decisions will go down as people are eliminated from the hand, can a player then have all the sub decisions based on the natural man using their own formula to then impact the outcome by how they perceive their own image versus the perspective they have of what the opponent(s) have of their image as well as how the player sees their opponent(s) image?

      How does this affect the base 81decisions of a full table, of, for future outcomes?

      As information is used by deeper knowledge of people about how they make decisions over X amount of time?

      Especially when the brain does its best work up to three hours then after this mark the brains decisions is based on how we each deal with adversity?

      Poker is process oriented for my game by having the understanding that each player posses the freedom to express their actions each in their own way.

      This is why I am always researching to become better at influencing the outcome into my favor, an edge built by the formula of what is?
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    • anduke
      Joined: 26.11.2007 Posts: 438
      Maybe you should write stuff like that on a blog or something? It's good to write out your thoughts, but I don't think it will ignite any discussion in a format like this.
    • DecMate
      Joined: 25.01.2009 Posts: 1,535
      This is quite an airy-fairy lofty philosophical attempt to grasp some easy understanding that will fix all decisions at the table.
      Or at least that's what I interpreted from the last few paragraphs of this werid poem.
      Poker boils down to hard work, crunching endless numbers and to discipline the mind, as we don't always get the desired outcome even when correct action has been taken.

      ~with love:f_love:
    • STLfan
      Joined: 03.04.2017 Posts: 59
      I am glad to have the pleasure to meet you both. Thank you for the time it took to respond to my post. I am working on becoming an existential thinker. I also appreciate the critique of what was said each in your own way. I also agree with what was said in each post, cannot defend the indefensible.

      Process oriented work, my writing is formed by how my mind sees things, the process, is done from my own way that is consistently moving forward. Becoming something greater than what was envisioned two years before black Friday. This is now moving forward from the genesis moment of the first time I realized the passion of Texas Holdem.

      My philosophical debate was within my 7 styles I am attempting to further along instead of just becoming better at playing a TAG style for example.

      My fellow opponents are the target of this information there is no easy fix because of what was said in the second response

      Once I understand the discipline of the players at the table the target is now them.

      Psychology from college, philosophy from one of my poker coach's introduced to my game 10 years ago, are passions to keep my game moving forward.

      For the first response, I do have a blog in this site.

      The second response, I would have answered any question asked about my original post, instead your response chose to make statements because your response did not ask any questions. So, this is why I took the time to now include this response to both responses.

      My questions to both responses, are statements made without questions a reflection of observation of what each of your game's will do at the table a reflection of each response? Can statements made also be an assumption? Without facts to support statements, are thoughts just an assumption or an personal opinion? What conclusion was made from each that my post was looking for a discussion or a fix?

      We all belong, frequent this site and some or all of the answers may or may not have been found within this site of my background, without researching first then it becomes extremely difficult to know something without asking questions first.

      Because to make a statement about any subject, post or in any discussion without asking questions, a person would have to know my background, see into my mind to see my thoughts as just a couple of examples.

      However, I am still an underdog in this discussion and will say both of you are smarter and I am dumber.

      Posting and writing is fun for me, however, I was not trying to offend or make statements to offend anyone not just in this post or any post that I make in this forum. This is just simply a reflection of my style of writing and communication and fun for me away from the table.