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3betting v flat calling

    • PocketAcesJohn
      Joined: 19.06.2008 Posts: 1,120

      I wanted to ask about some boarderline hands and what option is prefered + why you think this. Also how it changes baised on playing HU SnG or 6-max cash.

      Os hands: KJos, KJs, ATos & ATs.

      Obviously the suited hands have better post-flop playability than the off-suit version, this leads to two options of thought:

      1) We flat the suited hands and 3bet the off-suited ones.
      -We flat because of the better playability.
      -We 3bet because of less playability post-flop so add some value to the hands through fold equity.

      2) We 3bet the suited hands and flat the off-suit ones.
      -We have more ways we can continue when our 3bet is called. But hate ourselves when we are 4bet.
      -We flat to control the potsize as our hand is a little weaker.

      HU Sng we are OOP.

      6max cash we are generally IP.

      Obviously against tighter players we should flat these. Against looser players we can widden our value 3bets.

      But how does the format and IP/OP factor impact how you would play these hands?

      I ask because i am moving from 6max cash to HU SnG. I'm am aware my thought process needs to change slightly due to the difference of position post-flop BBvSB.

      My thinking is as we need to 3bet more in HU SnG to have a prefference to 3betting the off-suit versions.

      Thank you.
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    • VorpalF2F
      Super Moderator
      Super Moderator
      Joined: 02.09.2010 Posts: 11,280
      Hi PocketAcesJohn,
      As always -- it depends.

      Before 3-Betting or flat calling, you must have a plan in place for the flop, turn an river.

      Next, who are you playing against, and at what limit -- your ranges for $2.00 HU SnG will be different than the ranges for a $20 HU SnG.

      Last thought -- your ranges can't be static -- you need to mix them up a bit -- flat sometimes and 3Bet others.
      I used to do that w/ AA and KK -- if they were :As: :Ac: or :Ks: :Kc: I'd flat -- otherwise I'd raise.

      I'm interested to hear what others think though --

      All the best,
    • PocketAcesJohn
      Joined: 19.06.2008 Posts: 1,120
      It will be for the $5.50/$11 HU SnG's.

      Completley agree with you and i to take that spprouch when thinking of combos/frequencies.

      I do believe though having a "spine/base" strategy that you adjust baised on your opponent is a smart way to build a game plan. It's a GTO type approuch. Considering the complexitys of the game it makes sense to simplify things where possible and then make the specific adjustments in real time.

      Eg: our base strategy might be to 3bet 7% of hands, but against one player we may only 3b 2% and another as many as 20%.

      Thank you for the response i hope this can turn into an interesting discussion.
    • sirlax27
      Joined: 06.05.2018 Posts: 9
      IP vs. OOP
      OOP majority of times will always be at a disadvantage especially when you’re looking 2nd best on the flop.

      Game Format:
      In HU hands with 2 premium cards are not always the best so as the moderator suggests you must mix up your range. In heads up my range is very wide and I’d rather play IP or enter with a raise OOP just to perhaps push a little edge.

      Offsuit vs. Suited
      Of course there is great safety in being suited as it opens up your possibilities slighter.

      Flatting vs. 3Betting
      The best advice I can give here is know your opponents and monitor the blind levels.

      Playing against nits? Then sometimes it’s good to limp in and trap!

      Blind levels going up and your opponents are waiting for the bubble or to score a strong starting hand? 3bet to steal.

      As always the dynamism of poker comes from the deal and your opponents so sometimes you have to stick by a solid strategy and then sometimes you have to mix it up to out best and gain vital information on your opponents.