Low stake MTT's

    • DarthMaple
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      Just about to receive my starting capital on Mansion, and because I have never played on there before I would like to know what sort of MTT's they have to offer and which ones are worth doing.

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    • kingdippy2008
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      Hey there DarthMaple,
      They offer MTT's down to $0.50+$0.05. There are Turbos with 4 min blinds, (i think) normal freeze outs with 7-10 min blinds and also rebuys + add ons. I wouldnt recomend playing the lower stakes rebuys because people just rebuy all the time and instead of playing a field of 400 u play a field of 1200!! But then again this builds the prize pool high and if you get ITM then you generally get a good payout.
      There are also lots of satiliete events to bigger tourneys or even televised tourneys.

      I hope this information helps.