my name is Darko and I received initial bankroll from Pokerstrategy at Pacific poker and after 2 months I cleared required 800 points and received additional 100$.Then I wanted to know how can I withdraw money and people from support answered my e-mail telling me that I need ,before withdrawing, to make a little more above 9000$ wager and that until that moment I made about 900$ wager.When receiving bankroll there was no word about that,they just said play and make enough rake money and after that money is yours.So after 2 months of playing 5c-10c , 12c-25c and 25c-50c I made less than 1000$ wager,so it seems impossible to make 9000$ wager more.It is like going allin 90 times with 100$ on 50c-1$.I do not know how it is at other poker rooms about withdrawing after clearing bonus but this is my word of warning ,if choosing where to receive initial bankroll from Pokerstrategy,if you choose Pacific you are hardly ever going to be able to do it.