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    • SiKWiThIt
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      Hello everyone my name is Jordan, and welcome to my personal blog.

      I have recently joined the famous SpinLegends Team and I am starting this blog partly as a means to track my progress, but also hoping to help motivate others by showing what can be done through a combination of hard work and determination.

      This blog however, will not be restricted to purely Spin & Go / Poker related content and I plan to general experiences in my life as well as my thoughts and other personal/health related goals that I am progressing towards.

      A little about myself

      I was born in France and my family is French (hence the nickname LeFrenchstick)
      We moved over to the UK when I was around 6 years of age and it is safe to say that English has become my primary language and my French sucks. Although I can still understand it fluently, I now sound like a typical Brit when trying to speak it, or so my family tells me.

      My Last few years 2016-2018

      In July 2016 I graduated with a Master’s degree in Structural Engineering.
      Travelling had always been a big goal of mine, so during my studies I saved some money and after graduation, I flew one way to Japan with the goal of travelling around Asia until my savings ran out. This sadly ended too soon (around 2.5 months), and upon returning to England, I became even more motivated to go back out there as I enjoyed every moment of my trip.

      Although I really enjoyed Structural Engineering, worked hard and finished the course with the highest grade, I was always different to the majority of my classmates. Where I always knew that upon graduating, instantly entering the proverbial rat race and working my ass off for a big company from my mid-20s to the ripe old retirement age of 65+ was not at the top of my priority list. Not yet anyway while I still have minimal responsibilities and can still be a bit selfish for a few more years.

      So upon returning from my 1st travels November 2017 , I set my goals on working for about half a year and saving a set amount of money before returning abroad. This time with the plan on eventually generating my own income to sustain a living/travelling abroad lifestyle for a few years. I was a little optimistic with being ready In 6 months and it actually took 12 months to reach a savings amount that I was content with. This led to a very boring 2017 where I got a 12 month contract within a Bank with zero intentions of staying and progressing. My sole focus was just on saving as much money as possible.

      Finishing this contract in December 2017 I gladly welcomed the arrival of 2018.

      2018 So Far

      I made my return to Asia at the end of February with first destination Singapore. (Cheapest flight from London)

      March was spent in Penang, Malaysia, my partner and I rented a 3Bedcondominium for just the two of us, which somehow worked out cheaper than all the 1 and 2 bedroom options, don’t ask.

      End of March we flew to Hong Kong to visit friends and family, and we spent a few weeks exploring before heading to Macao to live it up like “Ballas on a budget” for one night. I am very ashamed to say that no Poker was played that night in Macao.

      We stayed in the Venetian and that evening I went down to the main floor ready to sit into the lowest limit going which from prior research was NL500. Sadly the Poor people’s table was empty and the next limit NL1000 had 3 players on it meaning for a good full ring game I would have had to go NL2000, too big an amount to risk given that the buy in would have come directly from my travel funds! I vow to return to Macao in the future and Crush the city, this is definitely one of my bigger long term goals.

      View of the Strip, entrance hallway of the Venetian Macao and the poker cash game tables on the main floor of the Casino

      After our "non-baller" baller night we flew to Thailand, arriving just in time for their New Year festival “Songkran” which really was some experience. If you have not heard of Songkran, it is basically a huge 4 day water fight all across Thailand. Everyone takes to the streets, children, adults, elephants alike with the sole purpose of soaking everyone while getting absolutely soaked yourself! We were in Bangkok for Songkran and it was like nothing I have ever witnessed before. I highly recommend experiencing it to anyone who plans on going to Thailand.

      screenshot of the action during Songkran

      After Songkran we made our way down to Phuket which is where I stayed for a Month and it is also where my journey with SpinLegends began.

      Thanks for reading this far, and feel free to ask any questions, leave comments / feedback on anything and Good Grinding!

      If you want to see more photos of where I am and places I have been to so far, feel free to find and follow me on Instagram @LeFrenchstick
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    • metalmonkey80
      Joined: 15.08.2013 Posts: 2,527
      Hi Jordan,

      Nice blog and I look forward to reading future posts :f_thumbsup:

    • BadHabit1989
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      Nice man! Can’t wait to read updates :)
    • Okselson
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      Nicely written! Can you tell us more about your goals within SpinLegends? Hope you and your gf make the dream come true and earn $ online to live a "free life" rather than the 9 to 5!

    • SiKWiThIt
      Joined: 21.06.2009 Posts: 103
      My Poker Story to Date

      My poker story to get to this stage has been long and random to say the least!


      I was first introduced to Poker by a friend while gaming online. He explained the glory of freerolls (as a 16year old winning money from nothing was very enticing). So I signed up underage to my first poker site (a nordic one) just to play their daily freerolls. At this time I had 0 poker knowledge whatsoever.
      Eventually I would cash in for a few bucks and proceed to try and grow my roll in whatever game format I felt like trying. Which ended 9/10 times in failure. At some point I fell upon SnGs and had some success playing like the ultimate rock. (If I had a HUD back then, my VPIP/PFR would have looked something like 5/2). Being tight seemed to work and I remember I managed to get my freeroll winnings to about $40, strictly following the wait for good hands fold bad hands strategy.


      At some point in 2009 a random SnG player (most likely out of pity) told me to check out this site called Pokerstrategy as it would really help me get better and they offered free bankroll. So I Joined Pokerstrategy to claim $50 and also finally got introduced to strategies! I decided to focus on studying Sit n Go strategy. I ended up having a decent ROI at Micros but somehow never recognised a simple rule ---> more volume = more profit and playing just a few hours a month for fun never got me far.


      I heard about that guy called Boku and his challenge of getting from $100-$100k in a year through multi-tabling. As the most tables I had ever played was about 4, seeing Boku load up 30+ games at once was revolutionary. It inspired me to switch to MTT SnGs and start playing multiple tables with nothing but a basic Push/fold chart. As you can tell this didn’t go to well. I was around break even at the $1 limit, but a personal highlight was having 62 Tables running simultaneously and only finishing 3 buy ins down hahaha.


      Went to university. I would play Poker on and off during vacations. Always had the idea of playing and making some income from it, but never had much direction or planning on how to reach this kind of goal, and therefore motivation would quickly fizzle out and I would go through periods of not playing for many months


      Final year of University, started to realise that I did indeed want to travel and find ways of generating income in any location of my choosing. From having played poker for fun but seeing that many people were having success from it, it became more and more of a realistic goal.
      It was during that time that I finally found out about staking and split profit coaching, I think through various blogs on Pokerstrategy.

      During the graduation summer of 2016 I decided to give Cash Games and studying poker a proper shot. Starting at NL2 with a small roll in June 2016, I spent the summer grinding and developing my game. By mid-July I moved up to NL5 and was also having success building my roll higher. By the end of August, I was getting close to moving up to NL10.
      Start of September however is when I went on my first 3 month block of travelling and that pretty much ended all poker progress.


      Upon returning from my amazing trip, I tried to pick up cash games again, but with full time work, I found it hard to stay motivated as my volume and progression compared to the previous summer was almost non-existent. I essentially pretty much stayed breakeven at NL5 the whole year with less hands played than the total hands played in 2 months of 2017


      After quitting my job, I picked up cash game more seriously and that is what I was playing up to end of March when I was in Malaysia. After my month grinding in Malaysia, I was taking a 3 week break as friends from the UK were flying out to join me and we would be exploring Hong Kong, Macau and a few places in Thailand together.


      It was during this 3 week break that I fell upon SpinLegends and it instantly made sense to me that this is what I needed. An environment where I would be learning with like-minded people, getting regular coaching and following proven strategies. During my time off the grind while travelling with friends I took the time to apply for SpinLegends and I got accepted just as my 3 week break came to an end and I was ready to move to Phuket and get back to grinding and developing.

      As you can see in 10 years of Poker,apart from never having had to use my own funds,it is safe to say that my journey has been nothing short of Unspectacular!

      But what is important is that the journey has led me to this specific point and from this point forward, It is all down to me to move forward and up!

      Good luck everybody and Smash it!
    • BadHabit1989
      Joined: 14.07.2016 Posts: 758
      Nice interesting post! Go crush it
    • SiKWiThIt
      Joined: 21.06.2009 Posts: 103
      First Monthly Recap in Spinlegends

      A little late but this is the recap of my first month and a bit in Spinlegends dating April 22nd – May 31st.

      Overall I’m satisfied with the total hours I put in for this period. Although the period was for 39 days, I did take a 6 day break in May as I was switching locations in Thailand and took a mini Holiday on the island of Koh Phi Phi. So the actual work was in fact closer to an actual month. I would like to up the hours, so for the coming months I will make it my goal to hit a minimum of 200+ hours of poker.

      Above is my Spin & Go results graph for that time period. The first 500 tournaments were at $0.25 and from 500 onwards the tournaments were all played at $1. My thoughts on the results, to be honest overall I was a bit frustrated. I wasn’t expecting there to be such a large jump between 25cents and $1 games. Originally my plan was to reach $3 by the end of May. Now however I realise I still need a lot of learning and improving to do before I can move up to the next level. So for June I am switching my focus to more studying and less grinding in order to try and plug some of my biggest leaks.

      Away from the tables

      20th April - 18th May

      I stayed in Phuket renting a condominium for a month. It was my first time in Phuket and I loved it. At first it wasn’t so great, I was in a central location not near any of the beach towns with only one bus line that went past approximately every 30minutes. When I say approximately I mean it! There was literally no schedule to these things. Also they stopped running at 6pm which was pretty early and sucked big time. For the first week it wasn’t too bad as I was so focused on grinding, I didn’t really need to go anywhere.

      Two weeks in though and my partner and I were dying to leave this central area and actually explore Phuket, so we rented a motorcycle. I am so glad we did, as soon as we had the bike you just got such a sense of freedom we could literally go everywhere, and that’s what we did. On days off we just spent our time exploring new beaches, in total we must have seen around 9 different beaches. It did not get tiring.

      Sunsets and Beaches

      Another factor that made Phuket a great experience. I met up with a Slovenian poker player who also has his own blog on Pokerstrategy, and it was through finding his blog that we managed to meet up. He’s a HU NL crusher who also flew to Asia for a few months to grind and enjoy Thailand. Check out his blog here. Looking back it was the first time I have actually met someone from the poker community in actual life, and it was a great experience. We spent a few of our days off just chilling and going to new areas. It was also really good to get an insight from someone who has been there and done and knows what it takes to reach the higher levels of Poker. I’m also glad to say I made a really good friend. We are already planning on meeting up again in Thailand.

      Jernej - Heads Up in the sand by day, NL Heads Up crusher by Night

      18th – 31st May

      As my rent ran out I left Phuket to start another monthly rental in a seaside town/ district called Krabi. Rather than going by bus, we decided to take a boat, opting to spend a few days on Phi Phi island. This was more of a holiday and I spent no time on Poker and all of my time on chilling. Phi Phi was really nice. A really small island but with a lot of variety ranging from quieter peaceful resort areas with pristine beaches on the north of the island to the little party town by the port. We spent time in both places and loved it. It was a good refresher after having spent 4 weeks of grinding and soaking up new material.

      After our stay in Phi Phi, we took a boat to Krabi and that is where I currently am, and back in grind mode ready for a great June. Best of luck everyone!

      Koh Phi Phi
    • SiKWiThIt
      Joined: 21.06.2009 Posts: 103
      Mid June – Important Update

      Early in June some negative news came out within the Spinlegends team regarding one of its Co-founders. The news has had quite a large impact within our community and left quite a few members including myself upset. I won’t go into any further details on here as the information is out there for people to find.

      But in light of what has happened I have to announce that I am no longer a part of Spinlegends and from here onwards I will be going back to playing poker alone.

      I do have to say a big thank you to Spinlegends for the manner in which they have conducted themselves under the circumstances in this difficult period and I am certain that they will be able to move forward positively when it is all behind them.

      On reflection of my short time in this stable, I am happy to say that I did manage to take a lot of positives from it. I developed personally with increased discipline and self-drive. Although it did not end too well, I still feel highly motivated and positive about the future.

      Where will I go from here?

      I am taking a little bit of time out to make a decision. Although I dedicated the last 7 weeks to playing Spin & Go’s and I learnt a lot, I feel that I am at a significantly higher level in Cash Games. Therefore I am feeling more inclined to switching back to Cash. From my time in Spinlegends, I did really enjoy the coaching layouts and especially the community that the students created, where everyone was so willing to help one another. I might start looking for a similar opportunity in Cash Games.

      Best of luck everyone and keep following, I am only just getting started!
    • badk1tty
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      gl gl :P :s_love: :s_love:
    • SiKWiThIt
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      June Update:

      So June ended up being an absolute rollercoaster of a month. The month began pretty negatively. As written in my previous post I left the Spinlegends team at the start of the month in light of the recent events that had occurred within the team.

      Upon no longer being under a Spins contract I made the decision to return to cash games and whether it be by shear chance or what some call LOA, within a few weeks I was given a huge opportunity to progress by being accepted into the final stages of applicant selection for a very exciting Team. I am not sure if I am allowed to mention their name under Pokerstrategy forum rules so for the time being. I will leave it nameless.

      The final applicant stage consists of going through a training camp that last 6weeks at the end of which, 3 applicants will be chosen to join the Team.
      Week 1 of the program started around Tuesday 19th July, and since then I have been going hard on the studying. So far it has been a really good experience and I am not exaggerating when I say I feel that I have learnt more in the first 2 weeks, than the last 2 years of playing cash games! At the same time I have been dedicating a ton of time to learning the material and developing the thinking process so it is like the saying “you get what you put in”

      Here are my logged hours for the first two weeks of the program:

      Also just to show where my game was at in cash before Joining here are my most recent hands played this year on regular tables, before joining the program:

      And here are my last 100k hands played at NL5 Zoom tables in 2017:

      As seen on the time log chart the main focus has been on studying and drilling the material so my hours on the tables have been really limited. Here are the hands I have played so far since joining the program picking back up on NL5 Zoom:

      For such a small sample I have been heavily on the side of good variance, but it has been nice just to see the application of all the new concepts in game. Plans for the coming weeks are to continue dedicating a ton of time to studying the material and really integrating the concepts learnt into my game, while also gradually increasing the playing hours.
      My main target for July is to reach a balance of 2:1 Study to Play with over 150 hours of total work put in.

      Mini personal life update

      Last week my Thai Visa expired so I relocated to Bali, Indonesia.
      I am super excited to be in Bali as I have never been but always wanted to go. I got here 3 days ago so I am still getting used to the area, but already I am really pleased with everything here. This week my sisters are flying from the UK to visit me for a short holiday, so I'm planning on booking us all some surf lessons which should be a lot of fun!

      I absolutely loved the 3 months in Thailand. The weather was great, the people were friendly and the food was delicious. I am already considering on doing another stint there possibly at the start of 2019.
    • BadHabit1989
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      Nice update man! Hope you will get accepted! Keep it up!