• Mistyboyo
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      Hey Guys!
      Well I have to admit DONs are very good way to build your BR up.....although in higher limit DONs like 6 or 11 dollar ones u will probably see more skilled players....
      What I enjoy the most is (usually in lower limits) when some players in early stages of DON like to go all in at the same time...:D (3-4 PLS) sometimes I dont even realize that after I barely played couple of hands I am already in money situation.

      GL all of U playing DONs....see ya at the tables...
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    • straddler71
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      Looks like you got seated at some pretty good tables. That usually doesn't happen too often at the tables Im sitting at. When the blinds are 50/100 its still about nine or ten handed at the table. LOL.

      What limits you playing at?