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Returnee here

    • DeckofCards
      Joined: 24.01.2005 Posts: 164
      I think I would like to come back to the tables and see how far I could get this time. But loads of stuff changed the last years and I am currently overwhelmed. Is there still a course with a personal coach free of charge to begin with? How do new players get handled nowadays? Quite some time ago (Guess about 13 years) I started to play my way up from 20 USD on 2/4c to several thousand dollars a year (1/2 limit and SnGs and tourneys and whatnot. I was not THAT good).

      LOL I remember that guy a little ,"Dominik Kofert" or something was his name I believe, gave out 5 bucks back then sent from his personal Stars account since all these ties with PokerStars and countless other rooms haven't been in palce at that time. Those were the times : D

      What is it like at the moment to play your way up? I guess it got a lot harder? Any advice on where to start from here? Can I get my account NOW connected to PokerStars and probably even get a starting balance? Back then I had my PartyPoker account opened with pokerstrategy, because I already had a PokerStars account, thats where I got these strategypoints from I guess. In the meantime I think I tried again with PokerStars, but never got to enjoy the benefits of opening up a PokerStars account with PokerSrategy if I remember correctly.

      Aw ye, and anyone out there who knows the email address to my PokerTracker account?

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    • Lazza61
      Joined: 23.03.2011 Posts: 11,028
      Hey DeckofCards,

      Welcome back :welcome:

      Wow, you really were about in the early days. Dominic (Korn) was one of the co-founders of PokerStrategy but has been gone for about 5 years since the sale to Playtech.

      We generally recommend new players start at the micros following BSS (Big Stack Strategy) and recommend that they go through No-Limit Beginner's Course with confidant91 [2017 edition]. It could be a good idea to go through the content to get a proper understanding of how the game has changed.

      We don't offer sessions with coaches free of charge anymore, however we do have a Private Coaching board where endorsed coaches advertise their services.

      I would also recommend following our Twitch channel and attend some of the live coachings. You can find the Live Coaching Calendar here.

      Unfortunately, we can only track accounts that are created through our download links and/or using our marketing codes.

      If you have any further questions, then please don't hesitate to ask. :f_thumbsup:

      Have fun :gl:

    • poncygainful
      Joined: 22.07.2014 Posts: 52
      Welcome back mate.
    • DeckofCards
      Joined: 24.01.2005 Posts: 164
      Thanks guys.

      Alright, so I will first go for the No-Limit Beginner's Course with confidant91 [2017 edition] and the Twitch channel.

      Whats the next best site in regards to traffic/game difficulty after PokerStars at this time? I probably could open up an account there and collect some StrategyPoints/make usage of a depo bonus? i did not look into the Beginner's Course by now, so if questions like these are getting answered there, no need for an elaborate answer.

      Thanks again poncygainful and Laz!