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My road to poker success or something close to it

    • delta26
      Joined: 08.06.2008 Posts: 8
      Hy everyone, my name is Igor and I`m from Croatia. I have quite long poker carrier (over 10 yrs) but nothing major. 2013 was the best year of my poker carrier but after that I had to take my BR out and haven`t played nothing seriously after that.
      So, this year I`ve decided to start and play again but also to try do something in poker. I`ve played almost everything from MTT`s, SNG`s, cash and from this year also tried Spin`n`Goes.
      I`ve started with $50 and manget to raise it to $197.64 as is stands for now. I`ve played mainly 2NL 6-max zoom cash and .25 SnG with some .55 MTT`s.
      For now I want be setting any goals since there is still a lot of stuff to do. At least this is the first step to try and keep my track.
      So here is some graphs from my play as of today:
      NL2 cash

      As you can see I have nice and steady straight line over 30k hands played :transpire: xD
      .25 Spin`n`Goes

      And as far as SnG goes after 500 tournaments I can be quite satisfied.
      Even do I have enough to move up still as I said I need to see where I want to move from here (set my goals) and work on my mental game. Especially mental game I think that one is really important for everyone who even remotely what to make something in poker.
      Well I guess that`s it for now, see you on my next post.
      P.S I also make video games as hobby for now but who knows:f_drink:
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    • metalmonkey80
      Joined: 15.08.2013 Posts: 2,773
      Hi Igor,

      Welcome to the forums :welcome:
      Nice graphs and I look forward to reading how you get on in the coming months :f_thumbsup:
      Have you seen The Quick Guide to Skyrocketing Your Poker and Life Productivity
      Along with book on mental game this really helped me organise my poker live and off tables live too :f_drink:
      What type of games have you made so far?? I was looking to learn programming in the next year and wondering if to use Unity or start with something more simple.
      Anyways good luck at the tables.


    • delta26
      Joined: 08.06.2008 Posts: 8
      Hy and thx for the welcome.

      Yup there is still a lot to do. I just hope I will find time for all, but one step after another.
      As far as games I haven`t made nothing special, they were simple android mobile games (since there is also a long learning curve) but now we are (my friend who is programmer and I`m modeling and other stuff) trying to step up a little bit and make a game for PC.
      When we started we start with Corona and language was called Lua, which is really simple programming language to learn. Then we switched to Unity and C#. It is not hard, there is a lot of tutorials which are easy to follow especially for Unity. I recommend going step by step programming something simple and then build upon that.
      I think this tutorial is quite good to see
      But also it depends what is you are looking to program for (games, animations, shaders etc.)
    • delta26
      Joined: 08.06.2008 Posts: 8
      Well today I just got beat down. I did try to play $1 Spin`n`Goes but it wasn't my day. Whatever I do just didn't go my way. I'm gona have to start reviewing my play and took some hands to analyse. But it is how it is, will need to work harder to reduce mistakes as many as possible.

      Hands played: 1461
      Profit/Loss: -$24.73
      BR: $172.91
    • delta26
      Joined: 08.06.2008 Posts: 8
      Hy, it is really hard to find time for everything but I`m gona recap those past few days. I haven`t played that much but I did have 4 days out off work so I managed to put some volume into poker. On cash tables I was doing ok-ish, could have played some hands better.
      I also play .55c Bounty Builder tournament and I`ve manged to go deep into one and got out on like 79th or 78th place. Mange to took down about $6 and that is as of this year the closest to the FT table I`ve mange to get. So hopefully one day I will get there. Also played 1st event of common cents and mange to take $2.5 there.
      To recap those past few days:

      2NL Zoom cash
      Hands played: 4322
      Profit/Loss: +$5,36

      Played: 22
      Profit/Loss: +$1,50

      Played: 5
      Profit/Loss: +$10,15


      Gl everyone at the tables:gl:
    • delta26
      Joined: 08.06.2008 Posts: 8
      Lately I feel I`m running really like a fish at poker. Can`t really put my finger on what exactly is but I think my best approach is to reset everything and start over from beginning. I will purge my hands and start over. I need to pay attention on my play, where I loose a lot and why and to look how my opponents play.
      Good thing to do will be setting my HUD right, and look how I play from positions. Lately I`ve noticed I get 3-bet a lot from SB or BB when I open from BTN.
      I think my mayor thing is that I loose my focus when things go bad ie. can`t flop nothing, my opponents always out flop me, when I have something they have better and so on. And it`s not that I can`t keep cool head when it`s not going but when it start to happen day after day and every other day you start keep asking do I play bad or am I just unlucky day after day:f_biggrin: .
      So restarting from beginning is best I think and start to examining my play after sessions.
      As of today my bankroll stands $183,93

      As far as game development goes we are almost finish with our game project so that`s one thing I`m satisfied with.

      GL everyone at the tables!!!