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BB defence

    • ShyPh
      Joined: 15.01.2005 Posts: 133
      Mayb a stupid question, but how far can you go with a 3 bet against a steal from any position.
      Say SB tries to steal my BB, I have a good read on him and he tries to steal from SB with about 35% of his hands. I got QJo, this would give me about 46% equity, can I 3-bet here?
      A few reason that can justify a raise:

      1. I already invested 1 BB
      2. I got position
      3. I increase my fold equity

      Am I correct in this reasoning?
      What if I had KJo, this would give me 50% equity can I 3 bet here? And what about if the steal came from other positions? How far can I go with a call / raise.
      My current fold bb to steal is around 60% so I need to improve my BB play. Any advise is appriciated greatly!
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    • ShyPh
      Joined: 15.01.2005 Posts: 133
      Never mind the call part, that's 70% of the normal requiered equity. But I am interested in what ranges I could raise.
    • Korn
      Joined: 14.01.2005 Posts: 12,512
      You should not 3-bet.

      1. is correct, but does not imply raising
      2. is correct, but position is actually worth more if you don't have the initiative
      3. you don't. 3-betting pre-flop and betting the flop is less effective in terms of fold equity than calling pre-flop and raising the flop - but costs the same.

      I 3-bet all hands with > 50% equity against a steal from the BB