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    • Verre
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      I'm looking to move over to PP from PS. There are a few reasons for this but I wont get into them other than I seem to have monsters sucked out by 2 outters far too much. I have done the calculations on the 450 tournaments I have won/lost and the numbers are ridiculous.

      That being said, I'm looking at PP because of the videos I saw. I am a tournament player but have moved to playing SnGs to build PS.com points. So I have a few questions about PP.

      Do all Sit & Gos start off with 2000 chips? It plays to my tighter style more.

      Are there serveral limits to SnGs? Will I be able to find a game under $5 unlike at FTP.

      What are the blind structures. Are turbos 5 min and normal 10?

      How is the interface for Multitableing?

      For tournament play, are blind structures 15 minutes? I cant stand 10 minute blind structures in 3000 player tournaments like FTP does. PS seems to have an optimal 15 minute blind structure.

      How are the bonuses and rakeback? I have never understood how rakeback worked (dont play cashgames online). I looked into the bonuses and they look pretty good depending on how hard it is to get Partypoints.

      How do SnGs and Tournaments recieve PartyPoints/PokerStrategy Points?

      I know there is no such this as a perfect RnG, but has anyone done any study over a number of hands/sngs on % of suckouts? Like I said i did the numbers on 2 outters on pokerstars and it was running over the 450 sngs at 19.7% on the river. This probubly isn't a big enough sample size but frusterating never the less. (These numbers are not just on hands I was sucked out on but for all players at my SnGs)

      Thanks for the info. Once again, I'm not blaming my -RoI at PS because of suckouts, but the 1500 starting capital with 1-2 players going all in preflop every hand at $3.40 level is not poker, its roulette.
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    • Tim64
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      I am not an SnG player (at the moment), but I would be very surprised if your suck-out rate would change simply by moving from one site to another.

      At the low level, my guess is that all players are roughly equal strength - from one site to another - and the idea that some sites are significantly tighter or fishier than others is just bogus imo.

      As far as I know, all SnGs are 2000 chip starts.

      There are definitely $1 and $3 SnGs - I think the fees are quite expensive though - I'd check on the site before switching.

      Multitabling seems ok, at least for cash games - don't have much to compare with though.

      Don't think Rakeback exists. Party points reasonably easy to earn and each point is 1.5 PS points, which is cool.

      Sorry I can't help more.
      p.s. If you got 1500 starting capital, you did very well ;)
    • Verre
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      Lol sorry that was a misstype. 1500 starting chipstack. Not capitol.

      The main reason for switching isn't the suckouts but the starting chipstack and (possibly) 9 handed Turbos in stead of 10 handed turbos.

      I have a $1300 bankroll right now (not from online poker, I do well live and not so well online) but only want to commit max $300 to online. This would mean playing $3 SnGs for a while.

      Also, what is required for me to get PokerStrat Points here. I will be cashing my own money to start and want to recieve my 100% up to $500 bonus but I also want to make sure PS is getting thier rake and I'm recieving points.