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1,5$ | FR | T | 3h | ATo

  • 4 replies
    • Mayb3n0T
      Joined: 03.01.2017 Posts: 550
      Considering nash range should be a close shove, so if you think he raises that range on btn you should shove but without knowing any stats of him i doubt that he raises all that range, so i probably fold this. If i was on BB i think the shove is more clear as you don't have anyone behind you.

      Cumps ;)
    • ghaleon
      Joined: 17.10.2007 Posts: 6,226
      Unless BU has been really nitty this is mandatory shove though would not go much wider with Axo as default. But in general this is spot where BU can usually minraise really wide to try and abuse stack setup with small risk. Like if he raise-folds here its really not big deal. But if blinds are tight he can open like 60-70% of hands and print money :)

      BB is waking up so rarely with calling hand that its not big concern. Plus at this stack depth you should have no calling range from SB. So if BU has been decently active using small raises I would tend to shove like ATo+ (A9o), Axs, 22+, KJo+, K9s+, QTs+, 98s+ or so.
    • SDK1987
      Joined: 12.11.2008 Posts: 39,260
      The range ghaleon gives here seems already tight against a BTN steal, but it depends indeed a lot how aggressive he is how wide I would 3bet shove here. ATo is for me almost always a 3bet shove as short stack.

    • shakin65
      Joined: 17.09.2005 Posts: 21,598
      Without really tight reads I push this