Short Stack Strategy

    • Immanueldk
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      I have read the article of Short Stack Strategy.
      just wondering, that:
      How much should you have at the table? When should you leave the table?
      Always buy-in for 20 Big Blinds.
      If your stack falls to less than 15 Big Blinds, fill it back up to 20.
      If your stack grows to more than 25 Big Blinds, leave the table and start over at a new one.

      So f.eks if I have 60$ BR, I know its a little bit hehe,
      and I f.eks play 4 tables with NL10, where im short staked 2$.

      So if i Get like 2,5$ i should leave the table?

      Its sound very little, and it will take A lot of time to get to NL25.
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    • dadude77
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      Yes, this is how it works, but most times you will go all in with your $2, so you will end up with $4. But if you win some dead money, and end up more than $2,50 you have to leave at the next blinds!
    • SoyCD
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      Hello Immanueldk,

      Yep you got it right :)

      After you have 25 BB at the table you should complete the orbit - but not pay the next big blind - since your stack is already too large for optimal SSS play.

      Best regards