I would like to share my experience with poker as a fishly poker player.

I got in touch with poker with my friends playing little sitngoes (live) - the skill of us you can hardly imagine (think of a biggest fish you´ve seen and almost double it), so you could play a lot fishy and still have an edge over the others.

Friend of mine told me about the online poker and I confident of my poker knowledge started playin - didn´t know which type of poker I wanted to play, so I tried them all - sng, fl, nl. Finally stayin at NL10$, where I played way out of my bankroll (of course I red some articles about BRM, but I considered it good only for the scared fishes, not for such a great player as I was :-)- firsty it went quite good, but in a few weeks I lost my whole bankroll. I was upset compleining about bad luck and decided to stop playin poker.

I got back to poker few weeks ago, when my brother took me to the small poker tournament his friends where holding - I got to the final table as the short stack and with great chunk of luck managed to somehow double up (at least three times), steal some blinds and in a while I found myself Heds-Up. There I completly didn't know what and how to play (just remembered few thinks I read somewhere Aces, pairs and even Kings are nuts) - HU ended quickly when I Kx run into rockets. But second place was far better, than was my aim at the beginning. That made me willing to play poker again.

I wanted to deposit 200$ (I don't know if I wanted to play according to the BRM, or to start higher limits, becouse I didn't want to play again against the fishes at NL5, NL10), while friend of mine, told me about pokerstrategy.

I decided to play sng, passed the quizz and choose the first platform PS adviced me - PartyPoker. Didn't know it wasn't suitable for starting and learnig, because the 1$ there are only turbos. I tried to stick I droped to the 30$ really quickly and decided, that my style needs few changes - I thought it's becouse I play too tight in the early faze (now I'm pretty sure, it was that I played too tight the middle and late faze and bled chipps to death). I played looser, for a while it worked but then I dropped to 18$ (I didn't realize it's becouse I have leaks (rather holes) in my play, I just thought about that as a downsizing due to the higher varience in turbos and high rake at PP) and decided it's time to gamble. So I started playin NL again - wanting to get back to at least 30$ and sngs. No wonder it didn't work and in a while I lost everything.

I don't write this blog to hear the words of sympathy, but to point out my mistakes, so someone might actually learn something from that.

1. mistake - playin early game in early position hands like AQ, KJ, KQ
2. mistake - continuation betting in non-preraises flop
3. mistake - continuation betting in multiway pot
4. mistake - betting in non-preraises flop with only top pair no kicker
5. mistake - multitabling at more tables, even thou I wasn't accustomated to lesser number yet
6. mistake - not focusing all my attention to poker (watching tv, reading articles...while playin poker)
7. mistake - reading articles and watching videos only once
8. mistake - not posting hands in forum
9. mistake - surely the biggest one - NOT PLAYIN ACCORDING TO BRM

I'll probably add some more latter. Now I decided to use TaF, hope, that few friends of mine will join and play better poker, than I did so far. Now I have a lot of time to reread all the articles few times, practice ICM and wait till my friends earn me some money :-) Well I'll lose my stutus for not playin, but it's only silver, so nothing to cry for. But I don't think I could wait more than month not playin, so if the TaF don't manage to bring me enough bankroll, I'll use the deposit bonuses PS provides.