NL50 Plugging leaks - Top pair no kicker

    • erptech
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      I just noticed that i have lost huge amount of money (2200$) playing Top pair weak kicker or worse, with weak or no draw. -> 40k hands

      Should I stop playing it completely or there are some situations where this hand is playable, and also if someone knows how should it be played optimally, please post.

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    • Passero
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      You should be very carefull with those types of hands. Play small pots and don't be to agressive on them.

      It also depends on position, villain.
      If you have position and it is checked to you, you could make a bet but with no draws on the board and at least 1 caller you should know your TPWK isn't any good and you should move to passive mode. Because you have position and made the initial bet, villain wil most of the time check so you could bet again on the turn. Check behind on those hands so a bet on the river is not that costly. If he bets the river first, you can easily make a cheap call.

      You make sure you don't play to much big pots with those hands. TP isn't that good if you go to showdown...
    • TribunCaesar
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      It's rather normal to loose a little bit with such hands. You should play them carefully, especcially vs raises. Ananlyse exact spots to find out if you could have played them differently.

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