Update: The Status of the Forum

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      Hello everyone,

      As you might have noticed we have been experiencing some problems with the forums lately - which culminated in a reset of all post counts, profil settings & signatures. We are currently working on resolving the situation and restoring the old state of affairs. Here a short FAQ:

      1. Will I get my old post count back?
      YES! In the worst case we will need to run an update, which will take some time. Since the query needed for this takes a while, we would run it over night - if it turns out that the needed data is no longer available.

      2. Will I get my signature back?
      Our priority lies of course in restoring, lost threads and posts but we will of course do our best to also recover lost signatures. While we can't promise anything we will try to find a functioning back-up from a few days ago that contains the signatures which were lost.

      3. Will I get my old settings back?
      Just as in the case of the signatures - this depends on us being able to implement a working, recent back-up.

      4. Was PokerStrategy hacked?
      No! The problems were rooted in the simple failure of our server-software, which was overwhelmed by the large amount of data and created a broken log-file. This on the other hand damaged our entire back-up and distribution structure.

      5. Can something like this happen again?
      We are currently working on fixing this specific problem of data inconsistency. By doing so we will also be able to decrease the probability of something like this happening again.

      Our current priority is to save threads and posts that were lost and to potentially restore old settings & signatures. The post count is relatively easy to restore - but will take some time.
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