Importance of Blind Defence & Blind Vs Blind Battles

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      Just curious if we should be defending (im playing BSS NL25) & what kind of hands should we be defending with: there are 2 situations... defending from the SB or BB VS a steal raise OR defending your BB VS a SB raise (maybe a third situation...raising first in from the SB and getting 3bet from the this situation I mostly let it go)...The only hands I really defend with are broadways, suited As from a7+ BUT only from BB vs SB first in raise. I never defend OOP against a steal raise.

      This is like what my range looks like... suited connectors, one gappers and off suit connectors are only played in Late Position first in OR in a multiway pot with implied odds. The lower suited Aces and K8s+ and lower are used for stealing or I will complete AXs in multiway pots from LP.

      The only hands I can see with value for defending are suited broadways and suited Aces and Kings from A8s+, K9s+ (against a steal raise not from the SB)
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      at nl25 blind battles start becoming important, you should be using stats too at that limit

      the ORL and fold v steal stats of your opponent dictate how tight or loose you can steal and defend, keep playing around with handranges on the equilator until you know what those stats mean and which handranges they indicate your opponent is stealing/defending with.
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      3bet in BB vs SB hands that can't play postflop. Call hands that have value. Be tighter OOP. 3bet with strong hands and bluffs from time to time. You can defends hands with value passively. But really depends on the opponent.

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