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Quiz of the Week: FL - Playing Donkbets

    • vhallee
      Joined: 30.09.2008 Posts: 1,539
      What time is it? It's time for some quiz action! This week's topic: the donkbet.

      As most of you might already know, the term "donkbet" comes from the combination of donkey and bet. Such a bet is an unexpected or risky bet by a player who was not the aggressor in the previous round, often into a player who was the aggressor.

      Do you know what to do when being faced with a donkbet? Then don't waste any time and take this week's quiz:

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    • ciRith
      Joined: 25.03.2005 Posts: 18,556
      Weeee. :)

      You have managed to obtain a total of 26 from 30 possible points. This corresponds to 87 %!

      Question 5.

      Against a LAG I like to raise to induce a 3-bet so I can raise the turn again. Sure you ned to call as well to balance the flopcall but I like the flopraise more. :)

      Question 7.

      I fold as I don't see CO folding often enough. SB might not even fold a better hand here. But as said it's close. :)

      Aufgabe 7.1.

      Aufgabe? ;) I just noticed that SB was the fish and CO the TAG. Ok then I bet/fold here too. And probably raise the flop at 7.. :)
    • fu4711
      Joined: 29.06.2007 Posts: 10,216
      1) I don´t think this is such a clear spot for planning an equity calldown. If villain is a somewhat average player, our Equity is not that good. If he defends about 50+% here and 3-bets his better hands (which actually weakens his range here), we are not in too good shape unless he donks like 100% or - even better - only bluffs and goes for c/r with the rest.
      But this appears to be unlikely.
      If he only donks madehands and draws including really weak ones like 8s7d, we´re toast.

      Of course, there are metagaming aspects leading towards calling here but it´s far from a no-brainer.

      Having the best hand often enough is only one aspect, the more decisive is whether you are in front often enough at showdown. If you plan to fold to any club, K, Q, 9, 8 or 7, you will not be able to get to showdown AND have the best hand. Implieds you have none.

      And the average donker normally bets at least the turn again...

      How loose of a range do you expect to face here?

      1.1) You might consider a raise for free showdown here, on these stakes you never get 3-bet by a draw. This way you make the draws pay an extra bet und sometimes a hand like 33 or a 5 might fold. Additionally many people give up on there draws on the river and do not bluff.

      3) Many TAGs donk good draws here too because those fishes seldom fold the flop and 4-way they have an edge. As BB is a TAG, he never has an Overpair and he never would donk a 2 or 5 here. He either has a really strong hand or maybe a good T. If he donks as a valueline, we can´t even call since we need runner runner at least. And if he has a draw, raise is better, if the fishes fold quite regularly. This is not the case I guess. Just wanted to point out how polarized BBs Range is. I just disagree with the "You definitely have to put him on a pair" thesis.

      5) Against such an aggressive LAG you can think of an even more aggressive line. He might very well 3-bet the flop with a draw or a weaker madehand. I would therefore raise the flop and if possible the turn again.

      10) Villains line looks like either a (busted) draw or a weak pair. I see many people play c/c c/c donk against free SD with those.
      This guy has 36 WTS, I personally think, he will fold a lot of better hands here, his busted draws anyway. This seems to be a good spot for a bluffraise on the river, although it seems absurd with A high. Such a guy will not call a 2, 44-66 or a 7, he might even fold a weak 8. That is plenty enough to raise for me. One bet I would invest either way and the second should show a slight profit.